Oregon, of course!

The model state for health care.

Just when you thought reality could get no better than
California for what is right and good. In steps Oregon, the apex
of all that is good when it comes to health care.
At least that is what I was told this morning on NPR (National Public

First let me say that I am conservative in my view of government and

life in general. But I put my time in each morning by listening to the other side.

So I tune into my local NPR station (WSHU) for their view of the world.

So there I am listening to NPR/WSHU and I hear a report about Oregon and
how wonderful their health care system is. That they want to suggest that
this is the system that should be the model for the National Health Care

Their Governor was interviewed for the show. A real ‘down to earth’ man, who wears jeans,
boots and a cowboy hat. Wow, like that is supposed to impress me. Guess
what? President G.W. Bush also wore jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. That
takes that out of the equation.

Then they tell me that their system is so good because their primary goal
was to tackle the cost issue. Very happily the governor stated that this
was acheived by limiting services.

Yep! They provide services only to those who are healthy and have a greater
than average chance of success. If the statistical odds of your problem
getting better are above a certain percent, then you are a candidate for
the procedure or coverage.
If, on the other hand, your chances of getting better are not that good,
well, there is always ‘Assisted Suicide’.

YES, that is their line. They will pay for you to be legally killed,
but not for you to get better.

That is the plan that is the GOOD MODEL for the country.
The NPR interviewer did not even ‘check’ that statement regarding
assisted suicide. There was not comeback, retort or question about
the morality of that idea.
I would guess that by their inability to question that idea, they must be
a proponent of if. You know, ‘if you aren’t part of the solution, you must
be the problem’.

That is a little distrubing from a network that boasts clear, total and
unbiased reporting.

Anyway, I have a thought about health care.
Why don’t we make health insurance of any type ILLEGAL.
Yeh, that could do it.
Just think of the trickle down cost savings.

If you could only pay from your pocket, than all the medicine and services
provided to the patient would, by necessity, drop to historically low

It works for TV’s. It works for housing. It works for cars.
It just works.

The doctors will only be able to charge what the patient can pay.
The pharmaceutical companies would only be able to charge what the
patient can pay.
Drop back 50 yards.
The the medical schools would only be able to pay what the
doctor could pay.
The lawyers would only be able to bring lawsuits for values that the
doctors could pay.

Holly cow! The trickle down cost of everything would drop like a rock!

Or maybe, there just is no place in our constitution or our society for any type of nationally controlled health care, or any care or any thing.

Perhaps, just maybe, there is no place for any 3rd party standing between me and my health or health care.

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