"Good Intentions"

We have learned NOTHING

Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe showed us earlier this
year how the “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

She crossed the dividing line of the Senate. The very heavy,
thickly defined, dividing line between Democrat and Republican.

The vote was for health care.

Parting from her party’s stance on “No Government Option”,
Olympia S. voted to pass the first hurdle, on the “promise”
that there would be no language regarding “Single Payer” or
“Government Option” and the promise to “remove no-insurance penalties”.

Her vote did make a difference.

And guess what?

The “promises” have dissapeared.

The House bill has strong language regarding the failure to have
insurance. The United States Government is, through the power of the
House bill, given the ability to compell a citizen of the U.S. to
purchase insurance. If you do not, then you can be fined up to $250,000,
and you can go to jail.
That in itself is absurd.

The Senate bill provides for ‘Single Payer’ Government option. There is
no options in Government law. Only absolutes.
The cost of health care is maintained by modifications to the Social
Security Act. There are no options to paying for that. You are born,
you are in. You are in, you pay. Absolute.

So, now we see the center leaning Democrats voting, as did Olympia Snowe,
for the bill, even just to depate, with content to which they opose. This
with the expectation that they will, unlike Olympia Snowe, be able to
eradicate from the wording.

Well, that isn’t happening. Because, this bill, along with all other
recent Health Care bills, has been crafted and modified, behind the
closed doors of secrecy. The ‘Nay Sayers’ and ‘Oposers’ of these bills
need not attend. In fact, aren not allowed to attend.

So, we have seen and are seeing, this bill, this congress, this country,
slip ever so slowly, but suredly, into an abyss from which, most likely
we will never be able to leave.
Step by step, we move closer to total opression. Opression of jobs, of
freedom, of life.

All lost because a handful of politions belive that they know what is
good and right for everyone.

If they are paving the road.
We are empowering them to do it.
We have no one to blame but ourselves.

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