So long Postal Service, It's been real

To: the U.S. Postal Service

So long, and thanks for the fish.

Seems other carriers are doing just fine. They are not asking for handouts from the tax payer, and they deliver on weekends.

Perhaps the paradigm of over paid, low output union workers is once again showing
it’s true value to the American people.

Even with a U.S. Government protected monopoly, the Postal Service cannot hang on.
$10 billion in loans.
Asking for another $3 billion

Even if they close down weekends, that is only $3 billion out of next years $10 billion. What did we gain.

Raise the rates, and it will be cheaper with better service to send via other carriers.

So I say, once again, the U.S. Government shows, without a shadow of a doubt, that it cannot run a for profit business.

So long P.S., and thanks for the fish.