It's all in the numbers

It’s all in the numbers:

The “Panel of Experts” regarding women’s health
have been working overtime these days.

A couple of days ago, they declared that it is
perfectly acceptable to put off doing a mamagram until
a women hits fifty.
This they said, even though many decades of research and
practice has been accepted as the proper plan of
protection against breast cancer and it’s complications.

Just yesterday, this same “Panel of Experts” has delcared
that, along with breast cancer screening, woman can also put
off Pap Smear tests until later in life.

It appears that our “Panel of Experts” are now plaing a
numbers game.
Previously, our society delcared that it was not appropriate
for even one woman to die from any problems that could be
detected early by these tests. So, we chose to be safe (an
ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure). We accpeted
the cost burden and chance of “false positive” as ‘Just doing
business’ relating to our health.

But in these days of being Politically Correct, “Fiscally Responsible”,
and afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings, we are not opting for the
“Socially Safe” route.

The “Panel of Experts” are justifying their decision with the idea that
a woman does not deserve to live with the “trauma” of a false positive
test from one of these tests. Oh, the hurt, shame and discomfort of
being told you may have to go for another test.
They are just looking out for your physical and mental Well Being.

I would tend to belive that our “Panel of Experts” are just looking
at mortality numbers and deciding that a certain number of deaths is
acceptible when compared to the cost of preventative testing.
I don’t know the numbers, but let us say that they found that 1% of
the women following their new guidelines will die from a non-detected
illness that could have been prevented if they had followed the previous
And then, let us say, that by following the new guidelines, they could save
$1 million dollars in “unnecessary” tests.
Well, then that might be an acceptable mortality rate.
1% of the women die, but we save $1 million.

Make no mistake. This “Panel of Experts” is in the pocket of the new
and improved Heath Care Overhauled system. It isn’t fully in place, but
it is grooming us. It is slowly changing us to blindly follow their
“fiscal responsibility” through the proper application of statistical

Also note, that if they can successfully push of the cost of early detection testing,
and, they are able to deny services at “end of life”, they are even doubly “fiscally responsible”.

Your health, truly is your responsibiltiy. Do what you think is right and proper.
You will live and die by your decisions. Do not defer it to some Government accountant.
The numbers are against you.