Pandering to the Panda

Pandering to the Panda

It is almost imaginable that a sitting U.S. President
could “Give it up” to the leaders of China in any era of
human history. I say ‘almost’ becuse as we have seen, this
sitting U.S. President has no qualms about handing over our
fidelity to any nation to which he visits.

The amazing element of his visit (so far) to East Asia is that he
actualy has the ‘gaul’ to prise the leaders of China for anything.
For as long as China/Western history has existed, China has been
at the forfront of Social/Tyranical repression.

It wasn’t too long ago when they ran a student over with a tank.
Just recently they had a Military parade that no civlians were
invited or allowed to view it.
They monitor and meter their internet and broadcast news.
They have some of the most deplorable working conditions in the
They pay workers next to nothing for slave labor hours.
The workers in the ‘Sweat shops’ are not even alowed to go home.
They actually live in the same building they work.
Their Government is corrupt.
They steel technology from other countries and then claim it to be thier
We can go on and on.

But our illustrious Mr. President is willing to bow fidelity to thier
governemnt as he priaises thier many of thier “good points”.

The Chinese Government has, and still is, the absolute antithisis of
what our Founding Fathers had seen as the basis for our Government.
We belive in Freedom, the Chinese believe in central control of the masses.
We belive in personal rights, the Chinese belive in ‘All serve the one Government’.
We believe in free enterprize, the Chinese belive that the central Government has the first and last say over buisines decisions.

If a person was to inverse the meaning of each article of the
United Stated ‘Bill of Rights’, it would fit perfectly to the rule of China.

And yet, our President is capable of praising that country.

In his latest trip to East Asia, the U.S. President has said he wants
them to promote free and open Internet, while in the U.S. he and his
followers are looking to monitor and control the use of ours.

The present U.S. President has no fear in lying to which ever group he is
speaking, be it a nation, a Government, or a band of followers. Be it behind
closed doors or to the press or to the public.
He is the master of disguise, being able to put on the face of compasion,
while doling out the fists of repression and redistribution.

We, the United States, elected him on false promise. And we keep him in
office dispite his flagrent anti Constitutional actions. He incessently
promises the ‘world’ and delivers nothing, not even hope.
He has performed no miracles. He has not fixed one problem. He has
caused our Governtment to consume the better parts of our ‘Free Economy’
through the acquistion of businesses “Too Big to Fail”.

He is pandering the East Asian nations, while turing his back on his
own country.
We aproach the mid-term elections. We, as a nation, cannot let this
activitiy go unchecked.
This is the “Clarion Call”. Vote to make a difference. A true difference,
by taking the unchecked power from this mad-man.

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