Noise, Noise, Noise

There is a lot of noise in the news these days.

Terrorists being tried civilly in New York.
President Obama traveling all over Asia, while the country burns to the gound.
California is now pondering becoming a Federal Territory.
Sarah Palin’s rise to fame.
Stock market.
Which party will take the elections next year.

All the noise, Noise, NOISE!

We as humans tend to turn inward when the environment becomes too noisy.
We start ignoring all outside stimulus and focus on our own situation.
Our own desires and tasks.
As a defensive measure, this can be a good thing. But it can also be
mean our death.

When a rabbit is startled, it’s first action is to freeze. Not move a muscle. This, in the hopes that the threat will pass without incident.
If the threat does not pass, then it runs for it’s life.

America is at that stage right now. The noise has put us into the “Freeze”
mode. We shut out the “noise” and are focusing on our own individual tasks.

BUT that is exactly what we cannot afford to do. America is the rabbit. The “Health Care Bill”, in all of its incarnations is the WOLF. If we stay our
course, frozen in our tracks trying to cope will all of the “noisy issues”
we will become the victim of the WOLF.

Let us, for the last part of this year, focus like a LASAR beam on THE ONE and ONLY ONE issue that is of any concequence. “Health Care Reform”. All the
other “noisy” issues will come and go. They can be dealt with today as well
as tomorrow.
BUT, if we do not focus on the “ONE and ONLY” task that will “Come and Stay”,
then we will all be dooming America to the same fate as that little,
fuzzy bunny that took just a little too long to run.