Why I support Gov Pawlenty

As Americans have learned over the past two-years the Presidency is no place for on-the-job-training; the President can’t vote “present”; nor is it a reward for length of service and for being the next guy in line.  If the ability to raise more money than the other guy was the sole criteria then Meg Whitman would be the current governor of California.

The President of the United States has to be principled, disciplined, humble and prepared.  Gov. Tim Pawlenty is all of that and more.

As a low-key Midwesterner he may not have the glitz of some, but Americans are looking for substance and for results.  As a two-term governor of possibly the most liberal state in the union, and before that the Majority Leader in the Minnesota State House, as a self-identified social conservative, Governor Pawlenty prevailed in a three-way race for governor by  campaigning on a pledge not to raise taxes to balance the state’s budget deficit, requiring visa expiration dates on driver’s licenses, a 24-hour waiting period on abortions and implementing a conceal-carry gun law.

During his first year as governor, Tim Pawlenty balanced a $4.3 billion deficit without raising taxes; during his second term from 2006-2010 he erased a $2.7 billion deficit.  He received an A grade from the CATO institute, only one of four-governors to receive an A and the only one in a traditionally liberal state.

As Governor of Minnesota and since he has extensive foreign travel and clearly recognizes the need for Americans to be prepared, be vigilant and be informed about an enemy who wants to do great harm to America and American interests at home and abroad.

Tim Pawlenty is authentic.  He is competent.  And, I hope, he is the next President of the United States.