Participating in the Republican Convention Process in Austin, Texas

If you plan to participate in this year’s Republican convention process, it will be extremely important for you to know the following:

1 – Due to the timing of the primary and state convention, county parties were given the option to decide whether or not they would hold precinct conventions. After a vote of the Travis County Executive Committee on Tuesday, there will be no Precinct Conventions held this year in Travis County.

2 – In order to be eligible to serve as a delegate/alternate at the Senatorial District conventions on April 21 (and in order to continue on to the State convention in June), you need to be sworn in and given an card confirming your oath as a Republican.

3 – To take the oath, you have some options:

  • Go to TCRP Headquarters between 10am and 3pm, Monday-Friday, up until April 20.  Someone will be there to perform the oath.  You should bring, if you have it, your most recent voter card.  The address is 7901 Cameron Road, Suite 3-202, Austin, Texas 78754.  The phone number, if you want to call ahead, is 512-302-1776
  • Contact your precinct chairman, who can also perform the oath.  Not sure of your precinct?  Look it up at http://www.traviscountytax.org/showVoterNameSearch.do.  The list of precinct chairmen is available here (click on the name to get an email address):   http://www.traviscountygop.org/get-involved/be-a-precinct-chair.html
  • You can also take the oath the morning of the Senatorial District conventions (April 21) at registration.  The party is encouraging you to do it sooner to avoid any registrations delays, but it is an option if you aren’t able to make it work before then.
The Senatorial District conventions for all of Travis County will be held on Saturday, April 21 at Hyde Park Baptist Church (3901 Speedway, Austin, 78751).  State delegates and alternates will be elected at the convention and resolutions will be passed to send on to the state Platform Committee.  Temporary Committee Meetings for all four Senate Districts in our county will be held on April 16 and 17, from 6pm to 9pm, at TCRP Headquarters if you wish to weigh in or view the process (those committees are Nominations, Rules, Resolutions, and Credentials).
In order to allow for as much participation as possible, please help me spread the word!  Tell every Republican you know – feel free to forward this post and re-post it on your own blogs as well!  It’s especially important to one more thing:  The oath is NOT required for voting in the Republican Primary on May 29.  It is ONLY required to participate in the conventions. However, once you take the oath, you cannot participate in the primary or conventions for any other political party.
If you have any questions, please call the TCRP at 512-302-1776.
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