A Religion of Peace?

The big stories this past couple of weeks has been Afghan Muslims on the rampage . Why you may ask, well first, American military people burned a Koran, or a couple of Korans that had been desecrated by Tailiban detainees after being used to pass inflammatory messages between themselves. Messages , which if they got out, could have, themselves caused problems for the allies. Result, some of our Afghan “allies” kill American soldiers in retaliation, yet America has to scrape and beg for forgiveness. One of our soldiers breaks over in Afghanistan, kills a number of civilians probably because  he can’t tell the good guys from the bad anymore, and once again, America has to scrape and beg the Muslims to forgive us. By the way , the killing of the American’s story, died rather quickly and quietly.Ten years of American suffering and dying plus enormous amounts of American taxpayer money squandered all on an effort to “civilize the Afghan savages! What does the American taxpayer get for all that? We get to see our President apologizing to a corrupt little thug who runs a country full of murderous thugs.

Does anyone remember a wheelchair bound, elderly Jewish gentleman named Leon Klinghoffer? How about a young unarmed American sailor shot in the head on an airliner and his body dumped on the tarmac while the plane was rolling out to take off? How about the Israeli athletes kidnapped at the 1972 Olympics and blown up in a helicopter at Germany’s Temple Hof airport? How about the 3,000 people killed on September 11, 2001 and then Muslims dancing in the streets all over the Middle East? I can’t remember if ANYONE of significance from the Muslim world ever apologized for those acts of terrorism?

How about the picture of three or four American contractors killed, their bodies mutilated and burned, then strung up on a bridge for the whole world to see? An apology? An American serviceman’s body dragged through the streets of Mogadishu in Somalia in front of the cameras but I can’t recollect when the apology came for that? A couple of American marines urinate on some Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan and the Muslim world explodes! What hypocrites!

The world takes up the Muslim’s cause in Palestine and for forty years an Arab named Yasar Arafat runs a group called the Palestine Liberation Front trying to destroy Israel and remove them from the land that the Jews have owned for thousands of years. Arafat was able to collect from the world BILLIONS of dollars in aid, which never quite made it to the Palestinians. It ended up instead in banks and depositories in Arafat’ s name all over the world. The only way the PLO was able to recover that money was to put Arafat’s widow and his children into a guaranteed luxurious lifestyle in Paris for the rest of their lives. I can’t remember the apology for that Muslim rip off….can you?

Members of the “peaceful religion” bring their families to America not even wanting their children to assimilate into the American culture, but if they do then the family has a duty to KILL them for honor! Most of the time it seems it’s the girls who end up dead? Why bring your family to America if you don’t want to be a part of America. Kill your kids in your own country!

We have seen and heard stories from the Muslim countries about adulterers being stoned to death as punishment for their crimes, but we almost NEVER hear about the men being stoned? Doesn’t it take TWO people to commit adultery? The Muslims have no respect for other religions. No tolerance for criticism of their Koran or their belief. No caricatures of their “prophet” and always backed up by the threat of violence or death?  No apologies for what you do to others. No regrets for killing the innocents, not even your own. Where the hell is the “peace” in this religion? No Shariah law in the United States. No threats, no intimidation, and no more apologies!



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