Dear Mr Obama

Well Mr Obama you have caused quite a stir in the news with your having related the fact that Jesus would “agree with you” on your tax policy. Ok, let’s look at what the bible ACTUALLY does say shall we? First, God only asks for 10% of any person’s income or supply. You, on the other hand, believe that millionaires on up should pay at least 30%. Since your administration has shown itself to be  lousy stewards of taxpayer money then maybe you should consider yourselves worthy of no MORE than 9.5%? In other words, let God be the Provider that he said He would be and you just worry about taking care of the things that the Constitution has given you the authority over, No more and no less.

Second, the Tenth Commandment says that we are NOT to covet what our neighbor has. Not his wife, nor property, nor home ,nor lifestyle NOTHING! We are to be content with what God has given us through the skills and knowledge that He has given to each of us. You class warfare is nothing more than covetousness raised to its’ highest level. It is a sin against God, Himself.

Thirdly the bible states that “if a man shall not work neither shall he eat!” Governments job is NOT to creat jobs Mr. Obama but to make sure that the country has the most opportune means to facilitate the growth of business and commerce that will in turn, invite the creation, and expansion of new business, old business, and creativity, which means JOBS! In short, stop trying to regulate and tax business when they know their situation best. Political bureaucrats living in a vacuum in Washington DC no longer have any idea what the real world is all about.

Fourthly, you have compared yourself to Abraham Lincoln, but apparently you do not see the stark differences between yourself and that great man. Mr Lincoln was a unifier who wanted to keep the Union whole and free the slaves from bondage,while you sir, are more like Jeff Davis. You have caused a division in this country between rich and poor, business and labor, haves and have nots. You seek to put America in economic bondage dependent on the government instead of God and hard work to sustain themselves. You have done everything possible to cause economic hardship among the poor and middle class with your inept energy policies. You seem to think that you can turn your back on America’s abundant fossil fuels because of your idealogy while having no viable answer with which to replace those fuels. Americans don’t need to pay more for energy that we have in abundance Mr Obama, they need to pay LESS!

Lastly, you take at least $500 BILLION out of medicare to use towards Obamacare stealing from senior citizens to pay for something this country does not need! Pass legislation that allows ALL health insurance companies to compete anywhere in the United States and watch what the private sector can do. Government has already expanded Medicare and Medicaid way beyond what it was intended to do and now BOTH are seriously in trouble. Lincoln you are not Mr Obama and it is about time someone called you on it!