If I were President Part 4 - Immigration

We have a problem in this country for a number of reasons. The biggest  reason is that we have countries who DO NOT respect our borders as those of a sovereign nation! My administration would do a couple of things right away. First, we would complete the fence needed to keep out those who don’t respect our borders. Second, we would put boots on the ground. Well trained troops and Border Patrol agents along with an array of some very sophisticated technology to help maintain security of said border.

We would crack down HARD on businesses that hire ILLEGAL aliens and those that harbor them. Large fines would be imposed on those who would hire said illegals and repeat offenders would lose their right to do business. No more magnets to attract illegals. All welfare, food stamps, education programs , and medical care except for emergencies would cease immediately. All criminal offenders, whether felony or misdemeanor would be subject to immediate deportation.

As for the illegals that are already here. They would first be asked to come forward and register. Second if they are in good standing in our country and currently have a job they would be issued a temporary work permit. Thirdly, if they agree to learn ENGLISH, American history, and establish a permanent residence, then they would be put on a 5 year waiting list after which time they would become American citizens. Their relatives would have to apply for citizenship through normal channels like everyone else. We would seek from Congress new immigration laws that would speed up the process for EVERYONE seeking to become citizens.

We would ask however, that visas issued to students from various countries be scrutinized much more thoroughly for not only background, but for violations of the terms of their visas. We need to pay close attention as to why they are here, what they are studying, and what groups they affiliate with while they are here. Next federal funds for higher learning.