If I were President ....Part 3

We  would do my best to insure that our seniors, our disabled, and our poor, didn’t have to make a choice between eating dog or cat food in order to pay for their medications. We would  do this by taking fraud out of our medical programs. Doctors, hospitals, clinics, or pharmacies engaged in any kind of fraud would be subject to severe penalties under current or newly implemented laws. By rapidly and actively seek energy independence so that our people weren’t dying of heat stroke, or freezing to death in the winter because they couldn’t afford to pay their energy bills. The money we would save from going overseas by becoming energy independent would be used to help our own people for a change. We would offer incentive programs to private entities to start up and maintain such programs. After all, we are a Christian/Judeo society are we not!

Freeloaders would be rooted out of government programs and wasteful programs would be eliminated altogether. Regulations would be scrutinized and eliminated by a cost analysis. Whatever was unnecessary, unreasonable, stupid, or just plain archaic presenting an obstacle to business and job creation would disappear.

The environment would be cared for in such a way that HUMAN BEINGS would have top priority. Clean air and water are very important but only for the benefit of mankind! No longer would major projects and developments be tied up in litigation for years because of some enviro-nuts pet peeve, Our administration would ask for laws to be passed that would stop frivilous lawsuits and demanding that those who bring them would pay court costs and damages. Our administration would no longer pay the ACLU for suing everyone for anything that they felt like going after. If the ACLU feels they have a strong enough case then we are sure that supporters of said organization should be willing to put their money where their mouth is correct?

The states would have to go back to providing education and welfare programs that they can afford! My administration would revert back to doing its duty as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States. Immigration is next!