If I were President ...Part 2

I would nominate John Bolton as my Secretary of State. I want someone who is already very up to up on world events. He is someone who is NOT going to be intimidated by either State Department bureaucrats or foreign ministers. I want him because he will either get the State Department in line with my policies or get rid of the obstacles. John Bolton is a man who says what he thinks and is not just a yes man!

My next goal is to strengthen U.S. ties to those who are truly our allies. No more overt bribes to keep certain countries in line with us while they are dealing out the backdoor with our adversaries. Foreign aid will be cut to those who have been a detriment to us in the past and increased to those who are as interested in our interests in their region as we are in theirs.

No more of our BLOOD and treasure will be spent on countries who are not willing to stand up for their own interests. If a country merely wants merchanaries, then let them hire them. No longer will we protect corruption in other places with the blood and lives of our soldiers.

If we are forced to take military action, then we will strike with the full force of our military (excluding nuclear weapons unless necessary)and we will NOT go back and rebuild whatever it was that we are forced to destroy in the first place.

Israel will be under our PROTECTION! Our administration will make it perfectly clear that our only TRUE ally in the Middle East will continue to receive weapons and foreign aid as she needs them.

North Korea, China and Russia will need to understand that the United States will no longer play “bullying games’ with any of them. My administration will work towards world peace, yet there will be limits , fair limits, in our negotiations with others.

Iran and all the other Islamic troublemakers will come to understand that they are not safe sitting back plotting against us. We will strike HARD at anyone and any country that enables terrorists, or harbors them to do damage to us.  We will negotiate FAIR and BALANCED trade agreements that benefit ALL parties equally. We will address trade imbalance  and do our best to bring American manufacturing back to the U.S.