If I were President...Part 1

The first things that I would attempt to do, if I were elected POTUS,  are the following: I would remove the ban on oil drilling and exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, ANWAR, all the shale oil sites both found and being explored. The second thing would be to encourage CLEAN coal and expedite new permits for coal fired energy plants, along with natural gas, and nuclear (if the plants can be built to withstand a major natural disaster)! The third thing I would do is eliminate, or attempt to eliminate the following USELESS governmental departments. Education, Transportation, Energy, EPA, HUD and revise HHS.I would definitely revise the FDA and its’ snail paced approvals on new medications and speed up its’ testing of dietary supplements!

My administration would seek to roll back as many unnecessary regulations, or shall we say unreasonable and stifling regulations. Businesses would be given a one time tax amnesty to bring overseas money back to the United States. Capital gains would take a holiday until the economy vastly improved and then would be revisited once that occurs.

All  businesses would be given incentives for revamping, retooling, and updating their plants so that goods produced overseas could now be made in the U.S. Incentives for going abroad for businesses would be cut or eliminated. Everything from farm subsides to SSI would be scrutinized to ferret out even the most minute fraud and corruption. It’s time the American taxpayer got what he  or she pays for.

The playing field of government pensions and pay would be brought into line with the public sector so that all Americans are given EQUAL opportunity to partake of the American Dream! We would look at PRIVATIZING many different services now performed by the government, at costs, much higher than what is available in the private sector.Part two will discuss foreign aid and relations overseas.