Religion & Politics?!

I’ve just seen a poll that said 73% of Americans don’t like to mix politics with religion! Really??Why not? Is it wrong to ask that people who represent us in Washington D.C. have morals and ethics to guide them in their work. Is it wrong to ask if they value life while they make laws that affect millions of lives every day? Is it wrong to wonder if the people who decide when we go to war believe in an afterlife or is this all there is? Is it wrong to ask that the people who take our money have the right motives for doing so or are we just to “trust” them with our hard earned pay? Are they REALLY looking out for the poor or is it just a scam to enslave people economically and win votes with empty promises?

Do people in this country NOT see what happens when you don’t hold people up to certain standards and expectations based on a higher law? Look at what has happened to this country since 1963. Governmental corruption is running rampant in Federal, state, and local governments ever since we decided to take God out of the political discussion.We have reminders of our Creator being removed from our culture because a few are offended by the “SILENT” presence of our founding fathers faith! This country was BUILT on the foundation of faith in God in politics. It was and is the glue that bonded this country together into the greatest nation of freedom that has ever existed.

It seems that the “Lamp of Enlightenment” that so many Progressives, atheists, agnostics, and “LIBERAL denominations embrace today has cast this country into a spiritual darkness not seen since the tower of Babel!

In Germany, back in the mid to late 1920’s a solitary man wrote down his thoughts about religion, but not many outside his country paid attention to what he said. A couple of years later he became the undisputed despot of his country and proceeded to implement his beliefs. This man caused the deaths of 54 million people including 6 million Jews. His name was Adolf Hitler.  He got away with this crime because nobody wanted to talk politics and religion.