Today’s conservative  Christians are under fire for not being tolerant enough with worldly things around them. What is being preached from too many pulpits and practiced in too churches is pure garbage. It is an insult to God and to His Word. We have a President, representing ALL faiths, who declares that the bedrock of the founding of this nation no longer applies…”we are no longer a christian nation” he declared. Really? Who gave Obama the right and the power to change our history and reality at the same time? It seems that we not only elected a Commander-in-Chief, but a “MORALIST” -in-Chief! Isn’t that against the church/state phrase that they scream at us all the time? hmmmm!

You hear Progressives, homosexuals, PRO-abortionists, Environmental Facists, and Climate change hysterians, all screaming at the rest of that we, who believe in the NATURAL order of things,  are Intolerant! We are intolerant because we refuse to believe their bull…t based NOT on fact or science, but on their own personal views! We refuse to believe that their Intolerance of Christian -Judeo beliefs demonstrates why we should be tolerant of them.

We have churches in this country that claim to be Christian ( that is “followers of Christ”,) yet they preach and act in exactly the OPPOSITE manner that the bible teaches. Putting practicing homosexuals in the pulpit as Preachers is the same as putting practicing adulterers, or embezzlers, or whatever other kind of blatant sinner as head of the church. Where is the incentive to try and live a God forgiven, righteous life?

Our Constitution DOES NOT give a woman the RIGHT to an abortion. The Right to an abortion is a made up scheme that was put forth by activist justices on the U.S. Supreme court because the Pro-abortion people could not get legislation past the American people! A woman makes a conscience decision to have sex with a man that she may or may not love( then why are you just having sex?) gets pregnant, decides that carrying around and giving birth to a HUMAN BEING isn’t convenient for her, so she along has the right to destroy it! Where is the tolerance for that unborn child? Tolerance is the first step towards compromise, and compromise is the first step toward surrendering who you are and what you believe! Is it worth it?