No inflation? Must be new math?!

My wife and I are both disabled and get a government check every month, that before you say it, we have been contributing to since we were both 16 and even a little before! We received a nice little notice in 2009 that because inflation was NON-EXISTENT that we would NOT be getting a cost of living increase. Now my wife and I looked at each other in total bewilderment as we watched our food and fuel costs rise alarmingly! The explanation coming from the government to us simpletons was no help at all!

It seems that the government, when it does its’ calculations for inflation REMOVES the cost of food and fuel from the equation BEFORE it does its’ magical math, and wallah! No inflation! White House staffers, Congress and most other federal employees DO get cost of living because apparently those who don’t need the money get and those who need it DON’T get it! Makes sense doesn’t it?

Let me try to explain this con job another way. I was working for General Motors   and I made about $22,000 in 1976. I bought a brand new Pontiac Trans Am 6.6 for $6700 out the door. Now that SAME car in 2005 cost just a little under $36,000, yet all we heard was how inflation was always under control? How come the price of that car went up over 500% when my paycheck hadn’t. I would have had to make $110,000 to have stayed even with the price of the car versus my wages?

It never ceases to amaze us to what lengths the government will go to make the ordinary taxpayer believe that they are really looking out for our best interests when it is ONLY themselves that they care about. The Democrats will scare the hell out of the seniors and disabled about losing their social security benefits but then turn around and tell you to continue to eat dog food because inflation is non existent?? Go figure, but not the governments way!