Creating jobs or destroying jobs?

You have to ask yourself a question….is Obama really for or is he against Americans working? Why do I ask??? There are tens of thousands of jobs that have been wiped out down in the Gulf of Mexico due to Obama’s (now illegal) order to stop oil drilling due to the BP spill. Even though the BO administration has been ordered by a FEDERAL COURT to lift the drilling ban it is my understanding that he continues to defy the court order and pledge to Brazil that the U.S. will be their “best customer”! Imagine the jobs that would be created if Obama would suddenly decide that America’s energy resources need to be utilized to the max instead of being destroyed by his personal animosity towards fossil fuels! His EPA is now in the process of instituting ridiculously stricter air quality demands upon coal fired power plants that utility companies are getting ready to CLOSE a lot of plants. More layoffs, more dangerous stress on an already maxed out energy grid, and higher energy bills on those least able to afford them. The elderly, the poor, and the already stressed out middle class. Weren’t they the people who were NOT going to see one dime of tax increases on their money? I guess Obama just found another way to get into their pockets. How many jobs do you think could be created if Obama encouraged the energy companies to go after oil in all its’ forms, natural gas, and coal?! The economic boom would be stupendous, yet Obama promises with his mouth that which he keeps taking away with his pen. He and his enviro-facist cabinet members need to be retired November 2012. His empty promises and sneaky backdoor politics have already cost this country way too much!