Clinton Surplus? More like magic math!

If you listen to Democrat talking heads you will hear a giant LIE being repeated over and over again. What is that lie, you may ask?….well it is NOT true that Bill Clinton left a huge surplus for George Bush! The magic math that Washington likes to use against each party, depending on who is in power, reared its’ ugly head in the fuzzy and deceitful claim of surplus.

If you contact the Federal Budget Office or any of the HONEST watchdog groups that are keeping an eye on the REAL government expenditures, you will discover why Clinton was able to claim a surplus at the end of his Presidency even though one DID NOT EXIST.

I’m tired of that lie being thrown at Republicans and Tea Party people as if it were true, which it is NOT! President Bush turned out to be a spendthrift by the end of his term. Barrack Obama, however has DOUBLED the deficit in only three years compared to Bush’s EIGHT years! I, for one, am tired of the blatant BS that passes for “truth” coming out of Washington D.C. and the attitudes that go with it.

Maxine Waters, and all the other SOCIALIST legislators in our government tell the TEA Party, who are fighting for Fiscal responsibility to “go to hell” then lady, you and yours have declared war on the wrong people!

Maxine if you start now I’m sure that you and your fellow SOCIALISTS will be able to charter a one boat to Cuba where you can retire in wonderful MARXIST bliss!