Why are the "right wing" so scary?

I have been listening to some of the political “talking heads” since the Iowa straw poll and you’d think that Michelle Bachmann or Rick Perry are the greatest danger to America since the Cuban missile crisis! The “EXTREME RIGHT WING (aka the TEA PART movement) now controls EVERYTHING in Washington D.C. and is getting ready to throw women and senior citizens to the ovens!??? Barrack H. Obama is THE most socialist President that we have ever had in this country. His failed socialist policies have driven this country to the brink of bankruptcy. He has shirked his duty to present a viable budget ( remember that the democratically controlled Senate rejected his first and only proposal by a vote of 97-0) in over 2 years! The budget is supposed to be submitted by April of every year! Why didn’t the dems pass a budget and debt ceiling increase when they controlled ALL the branches of government before 2010? The answer is POLITICS folks, plain and simply.

The dems reckless spending has gotten us to this point, yet when conservatives come along, put their foot down ( while in control of ONLY 1/3 of the government) and say “enough is enough” they are called everything from racists to terrorists! I am a conservative on Social Security Disability, a former union member, and I have no fear of losing what I have because of the Tea Party. I am concerned, however, about the NANNY STATE taking my liberty and freedom of choice from me in exchange for a bit of sustenance.  It was the Democrats and their “OBAMACARE” people who took $500 BILLION out of medicare to finance their health plan, not the CONSERVATIVES. Do you think that a half a TRILLION dollar cut may affect your benefits folks? Yet the conservatives are the ones portrayed as throwing us older folks over the cliff.That’s why Nancy Pelosi wanted OBAMACARE  passed BEFORE Congress was allowed to read it!

The Tea Party people, conservatives of every political stripe are NOT the enemy! Those who tell lies and make promises that they know they can’t keep are the real enemies of all freedom loving people everywhere. With all the wisdom we should have accumulated in our older generations you would think that we are smart enough NOT to get fooled again, but then, maybe not.