About American Culture!

Here’s my thoughts about “diversity” today in America. When anyone comes to this country to work, live, or play please understand that you VOLUNTARILY submit yourselves to  our laws and customs. We speak ENGLISH in this country, any other language offered is a COURTESY not a RIGHT! We should NOT have to recognize any other law but AMERICAN LAW! Our taxpayers SHOULD NOT have to pay for others hygiene or religious practices since we DO NOT do anything  of the kind for those of the Judeo-Christian faith!

If you wish to celebrate your specific holidays, celebrations, or holy days other than those officially recognized by the U. S.  Government,  please feel free to do so without elevating your holiday to the same status as ours. I do not believe that your home country would  elevate our holidays to the same status as theirs if we were to try and transplant our celebrations to their locations. Kwanzaa being a recently made up holiday would not qualify either. The term “White Christmas” that seems to offend certain citizens comes from the color of the snow that falls during that holiday season, not the color of the race of people who celebrate it.  Judeo-Christian holidays are honored by people of ALL races!

The atheists in this country are lucky because they have a right NOT to believe if they wish, but they DO NOT have a right to take away our right to practice our religion through government intervention! The First Amendment gives believers of all faiths that protection. If you are offended by manger scenes, or christmas trees, or crosses, stars of David, or menorahs  then maybe you need to find a place that will outlaw anything that you don’t agree with? Good luck with that one!

Gays, transgenders, and lesbians, you also, are lucky to live in this country as you can practice  (within reason) whatever deviant sexual behavior you prefer out of earshot and eyesight of our children and the normal citizenry who may be OFFENDED by such behavior. If you wish to throw your activities directly in the face of God fearing people, then you WILL encounter hostility towards yourself and those things that you practice!Please keep that which is meant to be private private!

ILLEGAL aliens! If you come into our country with no documentation, or with false documentation you are breaking our laws and you are NOT welcome here! The sanctuary cities, the organizations that aid and abet you coming into this country illegally should be stripped of any and all federal funding that comes to them and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We are a nation of laws and I don’t care who you are …you do not get to pick and choose which ones you will obey and which ones you won’t. As for the threat at the ballot box …maybe we should pass a law that says you cannot vote until you have been a naturalized citizen for at least five years prior! If immigration activism is going to start popping up in our schools that I would demand that we fire those activists and put people in place who want our children to know our REAL history not this revisionists garbage!

If you want to live in this country and strive to make a meaningful contribution to our culture and society, then we welcome you with open arms, but if you just want to whine, cry, or threaten those of us who love this country…..expect some push back. The problems that we face isn’t the country’s problem, just some of the people in it!