Obama made Sky Rocketing Energy Costs?!

When President Obama was running for office he said that under his administration “energy costs would necessarily skyrocket!” I don’t think that anyone really understood what that meant, but unfortunately we do now. Obama and his cadre of  enviro-facists  HATE fossil fuels, i.e. petroleum, wood, coal, natural gas, shale oil, sand oil, and any other carbon based fuel. Elimination of carbon based fuel is basically ANYTHING that today, keeps your butt warm in the winter, heats your water, or makes most of the synthetic fiber used to make just about EVERYTHING in this country.

Obama claims to be for the middle class but his policies  and those of his EPA have destroyed tens of thousands of jobs and put America even more at the mercy of the Middle East and Russia that “LOVE US SO MUCH!”  EVERY fossil fuel reserve that we have in North America is under siege by the enviro-facists posing as “environmentalists”! Plants, animals, and insects are now MORE precious and relevant than human beings. What Obama does not seem to understand is that if energy costs “UNNECESSARILY” skyrocket, the people who are going to pay the highest price are the sick, the elderly and the poor. These are the people the “PROGRESSIVES” are claiming to be championing!  Really?, if these people now have to choose between their medication, utility bills and food where are they supposed to cut?


As a Social Security recipient we have been told that the last couple of years that the “low inflation rate ” did not warrant our getting a cost of living raise yet staffers in the White House got raises of up to 84%? If  we are NOT going to get a raise enough to cover the cost of living how does Obama think these people are supposed to survive?, or aren’t they?? If you don’t get anymore income coming in how are these aforementioned people supposed to live? Is Obama’s ideology really more important than the lives of the most vulnerable of our citizens?

I don’t know of any affordable technology that exists that would run my car or entire home on solar, or wind power (kind of putting a sail on top of my car and only go someplace on windy days)? We are allowing Obama and his cronies to destroy jobs, energy independence, our national security, and our future because of his hatred of fossil fuels? Somebody needs to send this guy back to teaching….maybe in Kenya?!