If We Are Forced To Choose Between Obama and Trump, the Left STILL Wins!

Think about this: the Liberal Left is very close to attaining it’s goal of having a global government.  Now…do you think they’d let something as ‘trivial’ as the 2012 election come between them and all the progress they have made these last four years with Obama and his administration?

Do you REALLY believe they wouldn’t try to rigg the 2012 election by promoting a Liberal ‘candidate’ who would be instructed to voice the Right’s beliefs, too?

This is war, people!  We all know that the 2012 election will either make or break our country as a Republic, and the Liberal Left knows this, too!  They do not plan on losing!  If we are forced to choose between Trump and Obama…or if Trump runs independently and splits our votes…WE WILL LOSE OUR COUNTRY!

Mr. Trump has a history of donating money to both the Democratic Party as well as to the Republican Party.  This, alone, shows he feels no allegiance to anyone but himself.  Now, as a businessman, to be an Opportunist is not necessarily bad by itself.  But for a businessman in the political arena, I believe Mr. Trump could be counted on to put his own interests above those of our country…since his track record supports this view.

Here’s something else to think about, too:  Mr. Trump rubs shoulders with other billionaires such as George Soros and David Rockefeller…two of MANY influencial and rich Liberals who are working hard to attain their globalization goals!  Why would he keep company with people who are not recognized by the rest of us as having conservative views?  I wouldn’t spend time with people I deeply disagreed with, and neither would you.  But Mr. Trump not only spends time with these people as ‘business associates’ but also counts them among his friends!

While it may be heartening to hear Mr. Trump voicing many of the same things we’ve been saying all along, we MUST be wiser than our enemy and THINK!

There is more than one way for the Liberal Left to win in 2012, and one of these ways could EASILY be in forcing us to choose between Obama and Trump (two Liberals) instead of between Obama and a TRUE conservative.  Remember, the Liberal Left holds no allegiance to Obama since Obama is simply a puppet standing on the stage before us.  Puppets are a dime a dozen.  The Liberal Left’s allegiance is to their globalization goal…which includes the fall of the United States of America…and they do NOT plan on losing!  To rig the election in 2012 by having TWO Liberals run for President on different tickets means they WIN and our country LOSES!

Please, folks…DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

We’re being given a show right now with Trump saying things we long to hear a conservative candidate speak, and the news media trying to shoot him down almost constantly.  But it’s all smoke and mirrors, people!  It’s a show…and maybe the most costly show we’ll ever see in our lifetime if we don’t get our act together and stop choosing candidates with our emotions instead of our intellect!

Please take a look at a REAL candidate who is rising FAST in Straw Polls all across America…who REALLY loves our country and Constitution, is intelligent, articulate, remains poised and on-target in debates, has a highly successful business track record, would get rid of the race card Obama is sure to play, and would ANHILATE Obama in the 2012 election!

Mr. Herman Cain!   www.hermancain.com