Why Obama will win in November

I think we’re losing track of the real issues here: therefore, the liberal democrats have already won. These socialists control our government, education system, environmental issues, our energy policies (or lack of), the media, our intelligence agencies, and most of our institutions. Why else would political light-weights be representing the Republican Party? Why else would our party be distracted by gay marriage, gun rights and off-shore drilling? We are witnessing the sunset of our civilization and your priority is to overturn Roe v. Wade? “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Instead of just worrying about Obama/Biden gaffes and past associations, let’s talk about the present and what McCain will do in the future. Let’s talk about the Ponzi scheme we call laughingly call “social security.” Let’s talk about government corruption that has led to billions of dollars in wasteful spending — at home and abroad. Let’s talk about the Soviet-style nationalizing of private companies in the guise of a “bailout.” Let’s talk about how regulatory agencies aren’t doing their jobs. How about the fact that WMD’s and Al Qaeda have nothing to do with why we’re in Iraq — it’s about safeguarding the world’s energy supplies and keeping tabs on a nuclear Iran and Pakistan. Let’s talk about the communist’s conniving, long-range plans of forced wealth re-distribution to give loans to unqualified indigents and then have the American taxpayers pay for it. They create the crises, led by Barney Frank, then blame Phil Gramm for it. Health care anyone? Let’s talk about the incestuous relationship the FDA has with pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Education: the unreported scam that the publishing businesses are using to bleed our government and our college students in the form of loans and grants. How about the dumbing down of our education in public schools? Environment: let’s talk about the difference between climate change and global warming and what the socialist-left has to gain from Al Gore’s travesty. What about why the liberal left hasn’t allowed us to build very many nuclear power plants, oil refineries, desalination plants and reservoirs? Let’s talk about the mockery our government has made of the U.S. Constitution by allowing the judicial branch to legistlate from the bench. Let’s talk about the IMF, the UN, the North American Union and the New World Order. Do you need issues closer to home? Let’s talk about the nation’s decaying infrastructure such as our bridges, antiquated highways, poor flood control, levies, electrical grid and sewers.

However, if all that is trite to you, we can go back to talking about how surpisingly not-awful Sarah Palin did at the debates and how her bangs make her look much prettier than her beehive hairdo. All I know is that in November I’m not voting FOR McCain-Palin. I’m voting AGAINST Barack Osama, excuse me, Obama. Maybe if you stop behaving like light-weight constituents and encourage McCain to start acting like a candidate of substance by communicating with the American public instead of time-wasting tit-for-tat bickering hallmarked by tired, worn-out 1980’s GOP rhetoric, and talk about the real issues, people like me will vote FOR McCain.