Is there a real Constitution Party?

Erick Erickson recently posted an article discussing those pathetic folks who attach themselves to the conservative cause for personal gain. True, there will always be those who exploit others, preying on true believers to advance their own private agenda… conservative causes are certainly not immune to infiltrators.

Since Erick has ceased “biting his tongue” and addressed this issue, I feel I should mention another organization that I have my doubts about: The Constitution Party.  It seems there are chapters in at least several states, including North Carolina. My husband and I found them online last spring while trying to locate a party with a platform that we felt we could support. They had a link to a veterans site, that offered a discount membership to veterans, so my husband signed on with a membership through the vet site.  Immediately, our pay pal account was hit twice for a single membership fee.  After several tries at contacting the Constitution Party about the error, I eventually got an email (now lost) from a man who signed his name as Pastor_______ , who gave me the address of headquarters.  However, any of my subsequent attempts to contact “headquarters” brought no response. We have actually received one mailing from them, with a membership letter, but still no response to my (at least 5 attempts) requesting a resolution to the overcharge. Oddly enough, the contact person is a Gary Odom. After reading Erickson’s post, I’m wondering if it’s too much of a stretch to ask if Gary Odom is related to Erik Odom? Is there a slight chance he may have heard what a great business idea Erik had, and decided to start his own party?

The Constitution Party contact info is listed as:

P.O. Box 1782

Lancaster, PA 17608

[email protected]

(Contact info for Gary Odom was also listed, but in the spirit of “innocent until proven guilty” I won’t post it here.)

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