Say NO to the "Nanny States of America"!!!

I am afraid, I am afraid of what we are becoming, I am afraid that we a well on our way to becoming a “Nanny State”.The people that we have elected have got the idea that they are in charge. They think that because we don’t say much we don’t care,some don’t, or that we agree, which some do. Well I am here to tell you that they have forgotten and ignored another group of people for far too long, US!! That’s right you and I, oh sure they hear us every once in awhile, Immigration and TARP,(the 1st time) to name a couple in recent memory. Each time the PEOPLE spoke up and they heard us, well at first they did, we stopped what they called “Immigration Reform” because it was a bad bill that like now they tried to sneak and then force through.Our Elected Representives heard us when we spoke out on the “TARP” bill and did not pass it the first time,then things went back to the way it was and they ignored us and passed it the 2nd time. I guess they went back to thinking that what we say and think does not matter anymore, I mean it seems like they think that even if we don’t like what they are doing, what are we going to do about it anyway?!

After TARP passed the 2nd time we had a chance to send some of the people who changed their vote or really for that matter voted for it in the first place home, FIRED!! Well shoulda, coulda,woulda!!! We sat there like brain dead zombies and re-elected the same people, what in the hell were we thinking?I think that the time is right for the people to send a “warning” to ALL of our Elected Officials. Our Leaders must understand that we are watching and that we want, no insist that they do what WE elected them to do, represent us in Washington DC. We gave them the job of being our eyes and ears in Congress. The time is right for them to stand for US, not some special intrest, lobbyist or some other group. The Constitution tells us that “We the People of the United States“, not some of the people or we the Progressives or some such none sense. WE are the REAL bosses NOT them, they work for us and I say NOW is the time for us to remind them of that fact!!

I am going to send “notice” to my representives in Washington to let them know that the days of them doing what THEY want are over! I am sending all of them a hand written letter,yes I know old fashioned, but I like the impact that letters have. If we can all get our Family,friends and others to join us think of how many letters we can send and the impact it will have.I would love to see on FOX News a story about how Congress has been BURIED under a mountain of letters from the Public!!! Now please don’t think that phone calls,e-mails and faxes don’t work because they do. I just think that there is something special about a letter, you can delete an electronic message with a push of the button, but a letter you must handle and I think that gives it more impact in some cases.

As I write this the President is pushing for what he calls Health Care reform,”Cap and Trade” and only God knows whats next! What is the big rush, why does this have to be done RIGHT NOW? When people say that we need to “fix” health care they do not mean blow it up.Are there problems with health care in America, hell yes.Does that mean we gut what we have, HELL NO!! What needs to happen is that the US Govrenment needs to get out of the business of health care,you want to fix it lets get back to what works, the person in need making the choices for them selves. To the 15 or so million that have no health care there is a better way than forceing EVERYONE to have State run health care, think about this,do you want to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles for a physical? Ask anyone who has any contact with the Veterans Administration or the Indian Health Service, they will tell you what State run health care is like, in most cases it sucks!!

Like I said before I think that the time is right for the American People to take back control of our Country,send a letter, make a call,send an e-mail or a fax.Whatever you do we MUST tell our elected reps. that we are watching and if they continue to go against what we want we will FIRE them. They must be made to understand that it is US not them who are in charge, this is our Country and damn it I like it the way it was and is.We have got to make them understand that we will not accept them not hearing us any longer,if they choose to ignore us we will find someone else to do the job and that this is their LAST and ONLY warning!! The time has come for America to stand together for the good of America, will you join me in fighting for this, the GREATEST Country the World has ever known? Please lets take our Country back,contact your elected Representives and tell them no, tell them NO ON ALL OF THIS!!!

You can find contact information at www.house.gov, there you will find your Representives information. to reach your U.S. Senator please go to www.senate.gov