We MUST Fight the Left!!!

We MUST fight the Left!!! I say this as we are being told that it is pointless to fight the nomination of Judge Sotomayor and every time I turn around I am being told to quiet down and be a good little Republician. Well I say NO to ALL of that and NO to the rest of this Socialist crap!!! I am sick and tired of all these talking head losers telling the Right what to do, why should we listen to you? I tell you what stop talking and go away if any of the following is true; you worked for Sen.McCain or you are a retired Army General who voted for Obama.I mean really you Moderates got the person you wanted,milk toast,luke warm, middle of the road and cross the aisle McCain and we got out butts kicked by a freakin rookie!!!

We MUST fight against Sotomayor if for no other reason than to expose this President for what he really is, a power hungry bully!! Sotomayor is just like President Obama a bully, there are reports out there (Wasington Times-5/29/2009) about her conduct on the Bench and the fact that while she is a very hard worker she is not all that bright. She has been rebuked on numerous occasions for her lack of depth and knowledge of the Law!! What, are you kidding me this is THE SUPREME COURT, it was bad enough when they kept including Michigan Gov.Jenny Granholm as being on the short list, but Sotomayor is not what we need on the Court!!

Anyone who says that we should just wait for a fight we can win is most likely a Democrat or a RINO wimp!! I DO NOT care if I am the only person left in America who thinks otherwise, I will not stop fighting the Left until they are defeated and shown for what they really are!! I want Every American to succeed, I want everyone to have a chance to live in a safe Country.I want us all to Honor Life, not be afraid of our Govrenment eating our children(unfunded debt)  and to have lower taxes(Fair Tax) and to enjoy peace through strength!! I will not rest until our elected Reps. put our Country 1st,not themselves.

Some of what I stated above are what makes a Conservative different from others, but thats fine we all need our Ideals. I don’t care if you don’t think what I think,just DO NOT ask me to change what I believe!! Please stop telling me what I can and can’t say, I will no longer ALLOW anyone to co-opt the words we all use for their own agenda, the Left will not be allowed to make me afraid to use everyday words for fear of “offending”some group or person!! I am a Conservative, I will never force what I think on you and I will not bite. In case you are wondering we Conservatives Love this Country as much as anyone, maybe more but thats not the point. The point is I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE AND I AM READY TO FIGHT FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IN !!!!!!!!!

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