Take Off, You Loser!!!


Take off, you loser!!! Those were the first thoughts I had when I got the news that Mr. Specter was going to seek re-election as a Democrat. The next thing I thought of was YES!!! Now we can get someone into Office who is a REAL CONSERVATIVE in there, I hope that we can scare some of the other RINO’s into leaving the Party!!

I want ALL of us to take a real close look at those who represent us in D.C.. We need to find out who is with us and who is not, we must look and research each one of our employees> Yes they work for US and damn it we need to remind each and every one of them of this fact.

The Democrat leaders are pushing ahead with ALL the Bills that they have been holding until now, Card Check, the Hate Speech Bill, Cap and Trade are just a few.We must keep the pressure on or like they always do they will vote the EZ way and hope we don’t notice!! Our people in Washington must be VERY aware of the fact that we are ALWAYS watching them and that if they do not vote in the way WE want WE will KICK THEM OUT in 2010!!!

This is the time for a head count, let your Rep. or Senator know that you are keeping an eye on them and that NOTHING but our will is allowed !!! In the event that your guy or gal screws up you must take them to the woodshed and give them what they deserve.This is not the time for half ways, I want the BEST Congress we can get in 2010 when we throw ALL the bad guys out!! I want this to be BIGGER than 1994 and to do that we MUST start NOW!!!

Lets get busy and get our Country back and on the right track!!!