Never stop looking!!!!

   There is a war going on right in front of our faces and many do not see it, no, not the War on Terror. That is the one that many want to just go away, no the one I am speaking of is right here at home and all around us.The war is the fight for our Country and it is going on bigger than ever!! Now I know what you are saying and yes we are getting the word out, the Tea Parties and such are GREAT!! I hope you all will try to get to one this Wednesday 4/15/2009, you can find information at: taxdayteaparty.com , I hope to see you around.

No what I’m talking about is the fact that the Left will not stop in their quest to change this country. A perfect example is this post I first saw on “Big Hollywood” by Pat Dollard, it is also at patdollard.com the post is called “Major Leftist Indoctrination Group Poses as Veterans Aid Group”. This is an Excellent post and in it you will see just how these people will stop at nothing to destroy this Country!! What they and others like them do is distort and out right lie about anything that could be a threat.

As with everything the Left does it is easy enough to beat down, all you need is the truth.The topic can change, the players can be different and yet all you have to do is smack them in the face with the truth!! our problem is keeping up with ALL the things that the Left is up too, sites like “Big Hollywood” are a great place to look, and yes go to their sites and take a look. I know it will drive you insane, but to beat an enemy you must know that enemy!!! Lets find out what they are up to and then throw it back at them, get the word out. The more people you tell or send an article to or whatever the more will be there to help at the end. Think about this, If 1 million Conservatives each told 5 people the truth about  the Left and then those 5 million then told 5 people,well you get the point.We must get the word out, it DOES NOT MATTER who did what or who gets credit, this is to important for that petty stuff!! Go and get a copy of The Declaration of Independence and of the Constitution teach those people who don’t no the truth.Buy some of the Great books out there and then tell your friends and neighbors about it, “The 5000 Year Leap”,”Liberty and Tyranny”,”The Road to Serfdom”, “The Forgotten Man” are ALL great places to look.Hit the web sites and look at the book lists,many of our Conservative talk shows have Incredible resources, USE THEM!!!

I think that we NEVER stop learning and therefore should never stop teaching, “marklevinshow.com is a excellent place to look, Mr.Levin’s web site is completely FREE, you can access it all, no cost!!!

Happy Easter and God Bless you and America!!!