It's ALL about Control,just Control and Power!!!

Well they are finally showing what they are REALLY all about.I was stunned to see that it is being reported that the Obama administration is refusing to accept TARP repayment from banks. I know that it is hard to understand that someone actually wants to pay off the debt that they have,but these are crazy times we are living in!!Then as if it couldn’t get any stranger the White House tells the Banks, no thanks.

That’s when it occurred to me that this has ALWAYS been about control and power, President Obama does not give a damn about OUR Country or the people living in it!!! You see if they accept repayment of the TARP monies they will lose the control that they need to dictate wages and loan terms to these Banks. Hell, with control of the Banks the Left can do what ever they want,they will not need to pass new laws in Congress, President Obama can just issue some of those Executive Orders and do what ever the Left wants.You need a loan for your house, I’m sorry you didn’t support the correct Party in the last election!! What’s that you say, you want to expand your power plant, sorry your not green enough for us. You need more money to look for oil in the Great Lakes, NO WAY!!!

Let’s see, we now have the Banks of Obama, Washington’s Wall Street and don’t forget Obama Motors. Who would have thought that in less than 100 days the Obama Administration has taken over 3 of the most powerful business classes around. In all reality he has taken over more than that because when you control the money you control it ALL!!!!! The White House can now pick the winners and losers in most areas of our once Free Market.

We All need,no we MUST,stand up and tell Washington that what they are doing is not acceptable,that we will not allow it!! We MUST stop this insanity before it goes any further,Call your Congressman, call your Senator, hell call the White House. Also send them letters, e-mails and anything else that will let them know we will not take this any longer!!Please be respectful at ALL times, we are ALL better than that.You can find the numbers and address’s you will need on the Net, please we have to wake up and put a stop to this before they get to far and it takes 10 or 15 years to fix it!!!