Paul Krugman: Addicted to Bush

Paul Krugman pens an article titled Addicted to Bush.

Having been rendered deaf, dumb & blind two years ago in a tragic microwave burrito accident, he alleges the GOP is the addict.

Forget all those administration references to ‘the last 8 years’, ‘the previous administration’, ‘inherited economy’. Forget that the liberal media mentions Bush more often than Rain Man mentions ‘Judge Wapner’. Forget that “Something Something Something, George Bush” is now a legitimate congressional answer to any reporters question. Forget what your eyes see. Forget what your ears hear. Forget everything and allow me just concede to Kruggers so I can give you the following.

Side note: despite his inability to form logical arguments, Paul Krugman sure plays a mean pinball.

For fans of RedEye, let me just say that his supple wrist sure comes in handy. Or something like that.