Hansel and Gretel

Assuming I could ever get published in USATODAY, this would be my response to Pelosi’s USATODAY Op-ed

For the first time since 1978 Democrats hold an all powerful 60 seat majority in the Senate, and the highest number of seats in the House since 1993, yet Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid seem completely incapable of moving any bill from the halls of Congress to the President’s desk without dropping a trail of nasty little insult breadcrumbs to mark their path back home. Worse yet, those insults aren’t the traditional political barbs directed at the Republican opposition, but vile and tainted smears hurled at private individuals expressing simple basic concerns over domestic policy issues.

According to the liberal media machine, somehow in barely two weeks the GOP has gone from being an inept leaderless party to a full blown puppet master, bankrolled by the big insurance companies, crisscrossing the nation, infiltrating local meetings with out of town, swastika carrying, racist, well-dressed, un-American, tea bagging redneck, mobsters, for the purpose of terrorizing congressmen, inciting violence and shouting down debate with outlandish demands like “Read the Bill” or asking members of congress to use the same medical program they would bind their constituencies to use.

Worse yet all this boogy man talk is completely meangingless. Democrats have the numbers, if their health care bill was as good as they say it is they could easily pass it without a single Republican vote.

It is a strange day when a woman who is third in line for the presidency can call for ‘civil dialogue’ and in the same statement can call opponents un-American. Meanwhile over at the Whitehouse, Truth Czar, Linda Douglass is asking individuals to send in fishy emails, websites, and even casual conversations. If redneck tea baggers were already clinging to guns and religion, I’m pretty sure they’re not going to relax any time soon.

Democrats in Congress, if you want to save any part of your agenda, its time for you to elect a new leadership. The decision is yours, just don’t blame me when Hansel and Gretel eat your house and shove your grandmother in the oven.