What the teachable momment taught us?

  1. Its ok not to say your sorry, just say you’d like to calibrate your words diffrently.
  2. Beer can solve all your problems.
  3. If you don’t know all the facts, keep talking.
  4. If you say something stupidly, spin the topic into racial profiling.
  5. Blue Moon is not a girly beer.
  6. The cops mother will not speak with you outside.
  7. Act like a d*ck to a cop, get invited to the White House. This is what happens to black men in America.
  8. If you’re MSNBC just wait till someone else writes something racist. Then pounce.
  9. People love to ‘.0’ things that should never be dotted. Hence Race Relations 3.0
  10. Red Stripe? Nope no sterotypes there. (See #1)
  11. TV loves countdown clocks.
  12. Joe Biden was actually a good pick for VP. He gave Robert Gibbs a lot of expreience in spinning what people meant to say.

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