The Crimes of Congressman Dick Cheney (D-NY-15)

After I finished watching the ‘good’ part of the O’Reilly factor I became bored and went channel hunting.

Making my way down the dial, hoping to find a spongebob marathon I skimmed across a MSNBC teaser.

“It’s a Dick”-Caption. Announcer: “You know who is back and you won’t believe how he wanted to use US troops to go into US territory to arrest US citizens. How many ways is that illegal?”-Video of Wheelchair Cheney

While I am always pleased with the class that MSNBC is able to beat dead horses back to life, I wondered if they were focusing too much on the crimes of Dick Cheney the Vice President and ignoring all the terrible crimes Dick Cheney has committed as Congressman (D-NY-15).

What the announcer failed to mention is that these ‘US citizens’ were the Lackawanna Six, a group of six Yemeni-Americans who were convicted of providing material support to al-Qaeda. The group had traveled to Afghanistan for training prior to September 11 and five members had returned to Buffalo New York with the sixth member remaining in Bahrain to coordinate material support there. The group was arrested just prior to the first anniversary of 9/11, all six pled guilty to terrorism charges.

The hit piece focused around the charge that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld <booooo> wanted to use federal troops to make the arrests. President Bush <more boo’s> rejected their advice and had the FBI and New York authorities make the arrests.

Personally I don’t care who makes the arrests of dangerous terrorists who reject American freedoms and values, personally I don’t care that the AUMF 2001 passed by congress included provisions that overruled the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, personally I don’t care if the CIA kills Osama or if the Army does it.

I just want to see Dick Cheney get slammed for all the horrible things he has done to keep this nation safe when it was the most vulnerable. To that end I thought I would detail some the other crimes of Dick Cheney. Ones that the liberal media seems to miss out on. What follows are the allegations and charges against the ever corrupt Congressman Dick Cheney (Democrat-New York-15th District).

….<Reader> But Dick Cheney isn’t a d…<ME> THE TIME FOR CLIMATE DEBATE IS OVER!!!

My allegations are reported in this July 27th article of the Wall Street Journal.

  • Congressman Dick Cheney has FOUR rent-stabilized apartments in Harlem.
  • He also used one of the apartments as an office in violation of rent-control rules.

To qualify for rent stabilization the residence must be your ‘main residence’. How Dick can have four main residences I don’t know. Apparently Dick Cheney doesn’t know either because he doesn’t have four; he has five.

  • Dick Cheney has a home in DC. From 1971-2000 he avoided property taxes using a ‘homestead’ exemption. However the exemption only applies to your main residence.

Those crimes lay the foundation and the motivation for his other crimes. To stay eligible for rent control in New York as a ‘HARDSHIP‘ case he must keep his annual reported income below $175,000.

  • Dick Cheney also owns a property at the Punta Cana Yacht Club in the Dominican Republic. But here he’s “tricky-dicked” us all again its not a ‘main property’. Its a rental.
  • The WSJ report says its often rented out and from it was fully booked between December 15 and April 15. It commonly rents for $500 dollars a night/off season and $1100/peak.
  • But the National Legal and Policy Center concluded that his income from the property looked suspiciously low.
  • In 2004 and 2005, he reported no more than $5,000.
  • In 2006 and 2007 he reported no income at all from the property.
  • In 1990 his developer converted his mortgage into an interest-free loan, seemingly in violation of House Ethics rules.

….<Reader> We weren’t discussing ‘climate change’ and I still think you’re confus… <ME> THE CIA LIES TO US ALL THE TIME !!! AND EXCLAMATION POINTS !!!

Congressman Dick Cheney after first denying the fraud, soon admitted having failed to report rental income of $75,000 over the years. Here’s how he responded.

  • he blamed his wife because she was supposed to be managing the property.
  • he blamed the language barrier. “Every time I thought I was getting somewhere, they’d start speaking Spanish,”
  • he said “I never had any idea that I got any income’’ from the villa

Tricky-Dick then made some promises:

  • He promised last fall to amend his tax returns
  • to pay what is due and correct the information on his annual financial disclosure form.

However that was another Dick Cheney lie, because the deadline for the 2008 filing was May 15 and as of last week he still had not filed.

The House Ethics Committee is investigating Dick Cheney on no fewer than six separate issues. But Dick has outsmarted us again.

  • Mr. Cheney is a member on the Joint Committee on Taxation (which writes the laws he violates)
  • Mr. Cheney is Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means

The last point is the more important one. Ways and Means is the powerhouse that dictates where and how money is spent, giving Dick Cheney the ability of make or break other congressmen by spending money in their districts or not. He can literally waterboard other members with tax-payer cash, hence blocking key votes, resolutions, investigations. Nancy Pelosi has refused to force the Congressman from his powerful post.

….<Reader> Wait What? Why is Nancy Pelosi defending Congressman Dick Cheney?

<ME> Well I’ve saved Congressman Dick Cheney’s (Democrat-New York-15th) most appalling miss-deed for last. Congressman Dick Cheney did all these things while disguised as the humble, just, well mannered, and snazzy dresser Congressman Charlie Rangel (Democrat-New York-15th).

….<Reader> My God! The Horror!

….<Reader> But what was the “good” part of the O’Reilly factor.

<ME> Oh Mary Kathrine Ham was on with Juan Williams and Bill O’Reilly. Being given the center panel, it just looked like a nice piece of ham stuck between two mismatched crusty old stale pieces of bread! And worse yet, they were both heels… ^_^