Dr. Carson Addresses Leaders of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials—NALEO

I’ve read recently that Dr. Carson spoke in front of twelve hundred Latino Political and Community leaders in Las Vegas this last week. The candidate for the Republican Nomination for President in 2016 is likely most excited about this first post-announcement opportunity to speak before these prominent leaders and shakers within the Latino community…I can’t honestly blame him

The reason for this is simple; first I believe Carson wanted to catch a personal vibe of what’s happening in this vibrant community of electorate, from the people that know it extremely well—perhaps best.  Make no mistake friends, Latinos are on the move; there’s a buzz of activity surrounding their communities.  And I would surmise that Dr. Carson shared some salient points regarding both his foreign and domestic policy ideas of which he desired to pique these leaders’ input and opinions

Who knows how Carson will accomplish it, but he understands other minorities just like I understand my fellow Jews who could never vote Republican. I’m confident these leaders reached Dr. Carson’s heart, along with his touching theirs.

I do know this, the Doctor speaking before this important group was a good thing for all parties concerned. It’s the sort of outreach that few of the present 2016 GOP candidates would pass up the opportunity to do, and for good reason. I’m sort of hoping maybe someone in the establishment will see the light on this horrible track record we have with some minorities—maybe this upcoming example from last century will help illustrate. But first, let me say a few things I’ve come to learn about Latinos.

I’ve personally taken the opportunity to learn more about the Latino community here in Los Angeles; after all we have a strong contingent of Latinos leading our city and county governments including our last two Mayors. Mexicans occupied Los Angeles before anyone else essentially called themselves Americans. That also means that Spanish was the spoken language here among the locals, before English. I know I’m going to stew on that fact real hard, know what I mean?

What I’ve learned about the Los Angeles Latino community, I’m told is typical of others across our country. Here in Los Angeles, Hispanics are among the most entrepreneurial of our citizens, something I never realized. Secondly, they are extremely devoted and loving to their children. It didn’t come as a surprise to read of their deeply religious views and love of Catholicism, but it is a surprise to hear that their community is seeing many new Evangelical Christian churches around the area now too.

We already know how hard-working this community is, after all, what job are they not willing to challenge and conquer? And they are a very traditional community when it comes to moral values towards life and conservative values.

All of this leads me to ask:  Why are they typically loyal democratic voters? The answer is simple, honest and upsetting all in the same breath—the Democrats have always welcomed the migrant and immigrant worker. The GOP, since at least the immigration of the Italians, Jews, Chinese and Irish in the last century, have always been a ‘cold, slow starter’ with most minorities.

I honestly believe the vast number of Democratic Jews, as an example, have never forgiven or revised their opinion on the GOP as being the party of exclusivity—white only, Gentile only, while mostly WASP-Gentile at that. The Los Angeles Jewish Community, as an example here on the West Coast, quickly came to a sort of threatening presence to the old-money white GOP residents of say; Pasadena as only one example—please don’t get me started on the others.

Success apparently breeds fear, for within no time, Jewish business-people were thriving in this little city of palm trees and swimming pools, and so started the feud between the Hatfield’s (Jewish new-money-millionaires) and the McCoy’s (you know; those ‘real’ white, GOP, old-money-millionaires).

It’s no wonder why establishment Angelinos’ felt threatened back then. The Jewish people that settled in Los Angeles were feverishly entrepreneurial, (just as the latest Hispanic immigrants here are, whether living here legally or illegally). The Jews quickly ingratiated themselves to this new little invention of Edison’s and thereby quickly created a new American Mecca; Hollywood!

Overnight, Jewish immigrants of modest means became ‘Movie Moguls’…and that was just in the front offices. They were also directing films, comedy and screenwriting, producing, editing, dressing them, applying makeup, recording and acting in them too.

In short, my Red State friends and readers, Jews ruled Hollywood with few exceptions. John Ford the brilliant director was one such Irish exception but everyone really got along famously…at least until the McCarthy era crept into the community—it was outside where the trouble really began.

Let’s get it all out: You see; no old money folks wanted a Jew for his neighbor. It was unheard of, and wasn’t done in proper WASP society…as in GOP WASP society. Old Money Republicans set out to make it impossible for the Jews in affluent Hollywood to invade their domestic turfs if you will. They passed Covenants and Restrictions on who could reside in their neighborhoods…it was perfectly legal back then, we were a different people, living in a different time. It’s insulting but it happened. Jews have seen this sort of thing before happen to their ancestors, they don’t forget hate, and will remain unashamedly unforgiving at times for past slights…you could say this is one from the bucket list of those.

Is it any wonder then, when I use the Los Angeles Jewish Community of one hundred years ago, to demonstrate the GOP’s past foibles?

There’s a lesson to be learned by the good doctor speaking before this aspiring Latino community. These folks are branching out and on the move to succeed…so is the establishment GOP going to help them through outreach, or hurt them by ignoring the community? As for Dr. Carson, I have no doubt about him, I’m sure he broke a leg.


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