It Must be a Matter of Trust

It’s a funny thing about politics. One day you can’t get enough of it—the excitement and the angst, but by the next, you abhor it; wanting nothing further to do with it. I think what it comes down to is a matter of trust. In this current environment of corruption and gray lines, can we really trust our politicians to do the right thing for this country?

Of course, it all starts with Obama setting his tone of antagonism against those he disagrees with, thus sending the message of obstinacy to his lieutenants in his down-line of agency bureaucrats. But that’s a discussion for another day, as we really need to look at this point I’m attempting to make:  Can we trust our present Politicians out there…from both sides by the way.

The simple answer, yet honest, is to admit that we ‘can only hope so’. There have been too many scandals and disappointments that all too easily roll off of our collective tongues:  Foley’s Tap Dance folly, Weiner’s wiener, and of course, John Edwards’ Telethon for low-life scum, like he turned out to be. With a dying wife at home, he fathered an illegitimate daughter through his mistress, and is caught all over the world lying about it and covering it up—or attempting to…all while seeking the highest office in the land.

Look, so they all made a few mistakes…but seriously folks, let’s be honest with each other here. All said and done, we’ve really seem to have hit some rock bottom political choices in the last couple of generations. There have been so few positive exceptions.

Where we go from here is a frightful thought as well. Thoughtful voters must ask themselves; do you believe if called upon, that we can count on our current elected Representatives and Senators to do the right thing to save our country?

In other words do our present Representatives only wish to maintain their power at any cost, or are they willing to fall on the sword to save their country if need be…as the founders envisioned?

Let’s look at a hypothetical to try to illustrate this simply.

For just a moment, let’s have some fun and simply say that we had the perfect person running for President in 2016 on the GOP ticket. Someone who offered real solutions that everyone could understand fully and respect, if not always embrace.

Our dream person would be a candidate who could demonstrate their innate understanding of problem solving and critical thinking which are at the core of their success. Our dream candidate also wouldn’t have any political baggage to carry with him or her into their Presidency where negotiation often comes down to whose holding all the ‘aces’ of dirty laundry on the other.

There are other considerations as well IMHO. I would like to see our dream candidate have the ability to not only unite our party, but also to expand its outreach to other voters of traditional family values and/or of faith. Many of America’s minorities fit these criteria, yet are we welcoming them to have a look at the GOP today? After all, we aren’t their grandfather’s GOP by any means, so why not express that?

Others within our party may well wish for a dream candidate who will do little more than to tow the party line—all to maintain the power of office. Their idea of ‘dreamy’ is a candidate that knows how to play the game—you scratch my back, while I’ll scratch yours.

To all of this Tom Foolery we would say, no! We want a candidate who feels they are beholden to we, the people…and says so publicly—often. This is opposed to knowing we have a candidate beholden to a party establishment including the establishment elites who might gladly sacrifice our future for their maintenance of the Power status quo; isn’t that possible?

Others may scoff at the idea of our dream candidate possessing the skill to force a change in paradigms in the American politic. Our guy or gal offers real solutions to our current domestic malaise. He or she understands the two greatest economic threats to our country at this moment:  Trimming the eighteen plus trillion dollars of debt we are carrying. Secondly; establishing America as the greatest Energy force in the world, ending both Russia’s and OPEC’s dominance in one devastating swoop.

Properly executed, a one-two punch here against two of our biggest adversaries such as what is suggested above, also synergistically benefits us dramatically. But first, let’s look at some of the good things that can result from the use of this strategy.

We dry up much of the dirty money that currently ends up in the hands of Terrorist groups who are the recipients of major charity from the House of Saud.

We next challenge the Russian economy into ultimate capitulation, which by default will neutralize Putin’s big plans in the former Soviet Satellite Baltic States, while stopping him cold in the Ukraine as well.

Lastly, the need for a vastly improved infrastructure to support our new and improved Energy Industry will create hundreds of thousands of new, higher-paying jobs in all ancillary industries that support the Energy Industry itself.

Beyond all we’ve discussed so far, we mustn’t underestimate the value that all of this will translate into our economy here at home. In short, it will reignite a twenty-first century version of a great American Industrial Revolution…I can live with that, how about you?

So who is this dream candidate in your mind? I know where I stand, but that’s me and I’m prepared to defend my logic with facts when the time comes. So think on it awhile, and leave me your vote for which candidate you would put forward among the eleven candidates running so far on the Republican ticket as the closest thing to our dream candidate…and ‘demonstrate’ with facts, your reasons why.