I Thought We Were All Adults In The Room

I ran across some interesting reading today (in as much as its wholly inaccurate old news being reported as of today) from the Georgia Gun Owners Organization. In full disclosure, I do not know this State organization of owners but would assume they already have picked their candidate by this attack on Carson…and Christie (by mention).  I do vehemently support the NRA nationally.

The piece I came across from the above organization was attacking Dr. Carson for an old interview that the doctor did with Glenn Beck well before the good doctor actually decided on whether to move into the Presidential arena. More importantly, most everyone and their brother know that not only did the doctor correct any misunderstandings on his position, but he also was a featured speaker at the NRA’s convention recently. Despite these facts, the Georgia Gun Owners Organization still insist on attacking Dr. Carson for opinions that are no longer his, regarding certain weapons inclusive to second amendment protections. Let’s go back to 2013 for a minute.

While most conservative people understood what Dr. Carson was explaining to Beck, some folks didn’t understand how the doctor communicated his position, so subsequent to that interview, Dr. Carson did receive some negative responses.  Dr. Carson is always willing to learn, and as I understand it, he sought out to immediately sit down with the NRA to get their opinion on the entire matter, which led them to clarify things concisely for the doc’s benefit. In essence, while in principle the good doctor’s comments were well-intentioned—they were still wrong. At the doctor’s next appropriate opportunity he was able to address the subject matter. Carson clearly explained that he fully supports the Second Amendment right to hold and bear arms…end of story. Here’s his speech before the NRA recently in fact:


Don’t take my word on anything…yet; nor should you trust the word of the Georgia Gun Owners Organization until you listen to this video linked above, because one of us is either a liar or incompetent at best—while the other is telling the truth…you decide. My evidence will be heard before the two minute mark of this video.

Personally, I can also appreciate this misunderstanding from Carson’s past experiences as a surgeon. In that former time setting, the doctor had to have been most cognizant of his operating room experiences with gunshot wounds. This can’t be unusual for a healer and surgeon—am I right?  It would be natural in this light to express some sound ways to lower the occurrence of these life-threatening injuries. And was this not a simple yet passionate argument from the doctor’s heart, not disrespecting the second amendment rights of all honest citizens’ right to bear arms? He was expressing his idea of how to minimize the inner city violence within the criminal element of those communities, but not the general law-abiding community at large, which Dr. Carson did address in that interview as well.

I know for me, after watching the video of his NRA speech, it sent shivers of anger up and down my spine to read of this blatant attack on Dr. Carson by the Georgia Gun Owners Org. The entire matter is reprehensible and should be considered unacceptable behavior not befitting any Republican. Please join me in raising your individual voices in demanding that Georgia Gun Owners retract this vicious attack and apologize to this honest man running for the highest office in the land. I thought we were all adults in the room?

Only when we voice our collective disgust for this kind of sabotage by an interested third party, can we ever hope to reform our present political party and system. Please voice your disgust at this blatant attack against a fellow Republican.  Thanks—Mitch Reed