If Not Now; When?

America is at a crossroads, having to either choose to return to its roots, or otherwise steamroll ahead with the Left’s fanatical tactics to push their ‘utopia’ of America…we’ll all ‘meld together into one collective village’ (whether we choose to—or not). For them, no individual expression or voice is allowed to exist. They are all about tolerance until they must tolerate your voice…so those who disagree…are not ‘tolerated’, pardon the pun. There is no room for opinion, only silence and capitulation to the elites within the state.

In this environment, I can only support Ben Carson! I make no bones about it…he’s the best candidate solution to break us through this ‘feed trough’ of the Left’s, IMO. Why? Because any Politician of either party we might elect, is going to be tempered and/or controlled by the party in power. Carson is the one outsider (there are three potentially) who has both the personal brilliance along with the lack of direct experience, to not get trapped. He’ll bring to bear ‘clarity’ on our dysfunctional political and Congressional systems, he’s a leader who can steer them back to functionality…and has been a proven leader of men and women under stress…he will succeed friends. Trust me; I’m educated as a behaviorist.

Of course, having elected a Marxist into the White House (Obama), we now get to see the ‘top-down’ impact and fall-out of such a folly (and how we’re taught to think now). Now we are repeatedly sold the talking points from these ‘Gaystopo’ and Ideologues on the left, that we’re the stupid ones; the haters, for being guilty of holding onto traditional values that have stood strong these last 239 years here, as well as for over five millennia on this planet.

Look friends; our ancestors who came here before us, did not leave us the birthright of this country to squander its exceptionalism, so let’s not…just sayin’.

Carson’s expertise in medicine for over thirty years, has demonstrated repeatedly that he is an excellent problem solver—his DNA was all about beating the ‘impossible’ as life and death always hung in the balance.  You know, there must be a reason why he is one of the most honored and decorated Americans alive today. Problem-solving is where Dr. Benjamin S. Carson Sr. excels…not just passes muster…but truly excels.

Are we that naïve and shortsighted to think that in order to be an effective leader of this great country, a man or woman must possess direct experience in the political field? Hogwash! Someone should tell that to Washington, Grant and Eisenhower among others…they would not agree…nor would the founding fathers, so case closed…let’s move on.

But if you do believe in the argument above, be honest—what evidence can you demonstrate from our country’s past forty-four Presidents, that supports your belief? On the whole most all of our past Presidents have come from the political class, and derived from the study of this nation’s Legal system. Yet few of them have shown themselves to be exceptional as consistent problem-solvers per say, have they? There have been few exceptions. I’ve read widely about Dr. Carson and his background and brilliance, so let’s dispense with that and focus mostly on his phenomenal common-sense approach to problem-solving…here’s just one enlightening example:

One of Carson’s most fervent beliefs is in resurrecting, and then preserving, our richly-successful educational system from our own past. Carson studied our current system before applying his common sense to it, resulting in the Carson Scholars program.

I’ve heard the doctor speak of how our second-grade school children in the United States in the 1800’s, led the world in literacy. Educational scholars the world over traveled here just to study these children. Further; it’s unlikely that many adults living here today in the USA would be able to pass that second-grader’s final exam. Why were these programs abandoned? Ask the teachers’ unions as they have all the answers—not.

Are you aware that today; America trails worldwide in every major category of educational proficiency/excellence, except computer sciences. How did we allow this to happen?  How are our current 2nd-graders supposed to compete in this world without an appropriate education?  Where will this shortcoming lead our country in the future…to what, bare mediocrity? When is a quality child’s education finally worth more than some teacher’s union demands? And what have any of us average citizens done to change this terrible reality?

And what of our current leaders, have they repaired this damage to education? While most all politicians squeal about it on a regular basis, what great programs or laws have they passed to do anything about it…common core is an embarrassment.

Dr. Carson along with his wife Candy, have tried…and succeeded in doing something about our failing educational system. The ‘Carson Scholars’ program is their common sense approach to ‘righting’ some old ‘wrongs’. It is a highly-successful program begun through their personal philanthropic efforts, to a growing number of America’s inner-city schools. This program has brought back common sense principles of our time-tested teaching methods, while giving our children a new or rekindled interest in…wait for it; Learning (through Reading)…where they acquire…wait for it too; Knowledge!

Today after twenty years, the Carson program has clearly demonstrated success. The actual proficiency results of these CS schools are off the charts from their prior results and are quickly becoming the top performers in their respective states.

Now seriously folks, don’t you think that Dr. Carson could develop and institute other common-sense solutions that would prove just as dramatic in turning around our problems?

With Dr. Carson in this fight with us…let’s support the ‘peoples-choice’ for a change, rather than another party and donor-loyal Republican. Yes; they are all great folks, but this is our last chance to turn this country around. It lies in a real grass-roots peaceful uprising as expressed through the ballot box. I beg you for no other reason than moving this hope forward, that you join me in declaring your very vocal and rambunctious support for Dr. Ben Carson.

We must now rise to the occasion in this upcoming election to build a grass-roots and viral campaign to elect someone like Dr. Carson from outside Politics who will do the unthinkable…succeed by turning us back from whence we came…a nation of Americans in harmony with the law, their Creator and the land. It’s time to go back friends. Let’s give the man a chance, that’s all I ask.