Fellow Red State Readers

Dear Red State readers:

Two more Republicans will announce this Monday that they’re seeking the highest office in the land:  Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. They represent two of the three non-politicos interested in running for the office of President of the United States; with Donald Trump being the third.

These outsiders have no political-office baggage, therefore they all represent themselves as ‘breakout’ candidates. IMO, of the three, Ben Carson is the most exciting candidate.  I’m for another Eisenhower in the White House ASAP, and bet on Carson mirroring Eisenhower’s strategy for success.

Carson and Eisenhower are considered born leaders and masters of delegation.  If elected, Carson would undoubtedly follow Eisenhower’s team management approach to running the government. Eisenhower had no prior political experience and so he assembled a brilliant team of executives and administrators for his cabinet. He delegated through Vice-President Richard Nixon.  Eisenhower is considered one of our most effective and productive presidents in history by presidential historians. Save for cloning Ike, I’d say that the good doctor is about as close to the target as we’ll ever likely see again.

President Eisenhower never had to deal with political correctness or identity politics like today—60 years later.  Ben Carson doesn’t parse his words; he speaks truthfully, reminiscent of Eisenhower’s calm, learned approach.  Carson is refreshingly non-PC, speaking common sense to a country being strangled by both PC and Identity Politics.  Even when he makes the occasional flub, it’s typically something he’s correct about, though taken out of context by the gotcha-media.

I among many conservatives have spoken repeatedly that we must retake control of our out-of-control government, but also our current Political Party System failures as it sits now.  Who’s in charge here…the voters or the lobbyists? To do all of that ‘shake-up’ expediently, it takes a grass roots effort to elect a true outsider…someone who has our best interests at heart. I’ll be speaking more about this next week, but for now I’d like to leave you with one parting thought friends to stew upon on this short diary post…If Not Now, Then When? Yet more importantly; If Not Now, Then What will be left to save?  –Mitch