Paging Mr. Deace; Mr. Steve Deace

Well, Steve Deace has done it again. Clearly the guy has no equal when it comes to his transparency of bias against the potential candidacy of one Ben Carson. When it comes to writing of Carson, apparently Deace cannot see ‘the forest of common sense through the trees’.

Let’s just take the following words from Deace’s current hit piece against the doctor to make my point.  Deace attacks Carson for attending and speaking at the latest NAN convention and sharing some goals with Al Sharpton, yet then offers that: “Carson is a healer, and a great one at that.”

So, if Steve were here in front of me I’d ask: ‘I’m at a loss sir. How can a healer…heal, if he doesn’t examine and interact and advise the patient beforehand?  Lest we also forget that great leaders oft come from various types of healers.

I believe that most rational Republicans and Conservatives welcome true outreach to the greater black community within NAN. If the result were to sway even a handful of their most passionate members to consider the GOP, it’s worth it. It would seem important to offer for just one ‘open’ moment, what we as Republicans think would best help the nation’s underprivileged and their communities across the country.

And so enters Dr. Ben Carson, to the 2015 National Convention for Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (or NAN). Carson politely and systematically presented a political alternative with a different approach to the social ills affecting black urban communities nationwide. Deace should know this mantra as well—but why doesn’t he seem to? Certainly, most everyone in his audience knows. Someone needs to tell Steve: Hey, look at your comments grouped by opinion.

Carson, unlike Obama, is truly authentic, so he can relate to—and then relates back to…most everything he shares in common with the rest of black America.  Like most conservatives, Carson shares black America’s passion for faith and many of their traditional values. Carson also knows their inner frustrations with the current fifty-plus years of the failure of the War on Poverty.  There are many of us within the Conservative Movement that firmly believe that Carson, unlike no other currently in consideration, can reach black America with an inspiring message of genuine hope for a change. (Did I just spin some past POTUS’ political campaign slogan?)

Carson succeeded in offering that alternative (perhaps beginning a healing process). Clearly, this entire exercise shows me that Carson can lead and inspire any given part of our Nation’s electorate—black, white, red, brown, yellow or otherwise of either political party. Certainly it wasn’t lost on deaf ears at that convention…nor at the DNC, and certainly not at the RNC.

As reported in Your Black World’s latest edition, according to Liku Zelleke, the article’s author, Carson made this impact:  “At the end of the meeting, many people were so impressed with Dr. Carson’s thoughts and words that they were seen clamoring to shake his hand.”  This is what natural born leaders do friends…maybe someone should share this with Steve Deace who seems far more concerned that two diverse men can agree on a few minor goals.

Carson offered a hand up as being far superior to a hand out, which in so many words, rang true for many attendees. Wow, the Party of Lincoln and King might actually heal the rift at long last.

I’ve heard it said that any Republican who can earn the votes of more than 17% of the black American vote in 2016 is statistically assured of winning the US Presidency. Irrespective of that contention, I believe that Dr. Ben Carson is the right conservative to lead this country through these very rough waters ahead of us. If Carson can prove to be the catalyst to reuniting our party to that segment of the country’s population that we fought to first free, and then to support through the Civil Rights laws in the fifties (under Eisenhower) and through the Civil Rights Act and laws in 1964-65, all the better.

While Carson is not without the occasional non-PC gaff as a newbie to politics, he has certainly shown all of America this last week that there are many ways to demonstrate one’s leadership. One such way Mr. Deace, is to be able to bring an entirely new audience from the competing political party, to the point of considering the Republican Party seriously for possibly the very first time. Further I’d say that being able to joyfully walk into that potential lion’s den, only to walk out—a Daniel with perhaps a new found group of freshly-initiated fans following behind him, is demonstrative of someone who’s already passed that test.

I believe Carson went to NAN for logical reasons, therefore I feel that Steve Deace is wholly inaccurate in this article by focusing on the Sharpton component. Any child could figure out this decision on the doctor’s part. I believe the only person Deace is kidding is perhaps Deace!

Deace can squawk all he wants, but it seems to me and many other Conservative Republicans, that this good doctor, while politically incorrect and clearly not a politician, is the most singularly brilliant candidate to come along in decades.                  —Mitch Reed