God Bless Rudy Giuliani

It seems that America’s Mayor has said what many thousands of Americans have felt for at least these past six years. Perhaps you recall the exact moment you first felt that ‘first-chill’ from this President’s actions or statements. I remember that very poignant moment for me. I was watching television and heard Obama utter this; “we’re six days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Let me ask you something. If you truly love and worship your fiance as a prospective spouse as only one example, do you desire to transform them into something else as your primary goal even before you marry them? Of course not, we marry our spouses hopeful of their ‘potential’ to be an excellent partner, yet on that special day; we marry them because we love them unconditionally as they are. Certainly their faults and shortcomings will become more apparent later on, but for most of us, we’re pretty much ‘still under the Ether’ on our wedding days.

Let’s follow that same line of logic a bit further, shall we. If you ‘love’ your new spouse, do you spend a considerable time at cocktail parties and affairs after the wedding attacking your fiance to others, and apologizing for his or her past behaviors to complete outsiders? Enough said here I think.

So were Giuliani’s words lies? No; they were the painful truth about this man, who many proudly call their President, while vast others are frankly ashamed of him and/or what we see as the damage he has done to our beloved country.

Does this make me (or the Mayor for that matter) a racist, hater, Tea Bagger or nut job? Hardly, you see I support Ben Carson for President in 2016 should he choose to run. I do not have a problem with the color of our President’s skin…any president for that matter. When dealing with these kinds of attacks from Progressives, it’s best to remember that old schoolyard mantra about sticks and stones.

What troubles me fundamentally about Barack Obama is this President’s pathetic lack of any character. Obama is sadly a severely flawed man, just his actions and lies to the American people over Obamacare are clear proof of this fact…case closed.

Do you think it’s shocking to learn that Americans don’t trust this President for one thing, but more so, that they have zip confidence that Mr. Obama has their best interests at heart in everything he does and says? Or to put it more elemental; that he ‘truly loves us’?

In summary therefore; I congratulate the Mayor for saying what should have been said long before now. We should have heard it after: Fast and Furious, the IRS attacks on conservatives, Benghazi—and countless other scandals and illegal executive actions.

We should also show our solidarity with Mayor Giuliani but go farther with it as well. We should use this opportunity to write our Congress members and Senators to say: I agree with Rudy…why hasn’t this man been Impeached…will it take me firing you at your next election cycle to secure the long-overdue prosecution of this unlawfully-acting executive? Or to ask our fellow Americans frankly; when is enough; enough?