What Does It Say?

When the first string of western countries took a stand and joined together to march in the streets of Paris, it sent several messages. They joined together to demonstrate unity against radical Islamist terrorism along with the need to destroy it—a big deal even if it falls short one day.

Yet it’s an even bigger deal because the United States was absent. A complacency that we’re made to believe was the administration simply failing to get this news to the President in some briefing…an explanation nothing short of ridiculous.

Let me instead quote the President back on September 25th, 2012 when speaking at the United Nations…the abridged version: ‘The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam’—hum? I think last week in Paris was Obama’s figurative ‘come to Jesus moment’—but whom did he stand with; Jesus or Mohammad, I ask you? Fifty-five years ago, President Kennedy almost lost his election because Americans worried about his allegiance—was it to the Pope or our Constitution? If Kennedy was asked about his loyalties (and he was), it’s fair to ask the same of this President.

Obama has only done what he proclaimed before the U.N. He chose poorly…yet there’s more to it.

Our President has now clearly demonstrated his professed choice in this battle between good and evil. He continues to reach out to our enemies while he all but ignores (at best) many of our strongest allies—so who’s side is he on? I fear it isn’t ours.

Despite his oath of office, abiding by the Constitution or Protecting the Domestic Tranquility, we now have a President choosing to protect his Ideological beliefs as a Muslim…over the safety of all of America’s Citizens and Military—just think about that. Worse, I don’t believe he cares what we think anymore…this is the real Barack H. Obama moving forward in 2015. Mark my words well—you’ll be seeing more of the same.

As only one example of Obama’s proclivity for picking the wrong side let’s look at oil for a moment. It seems clear to me that the Saudis’ attempt to bottom out the oil market for our Shale Oil, is just as much their way of punishing Obama for his outreach to Iran, which is Saudi Arabia’s arch enemy. Obama’s snubs in the direction of Riyadh have no doubt infuriated the House of Saud—and the Russians signing a military cooperation treaty this week with Iran is astounding on so many levels, yet Obama’s SOTU purports a message that the war is in the rear-view mirror—well; whose mirror is that Mr. President?

Naturally this is just another in a long list of Foreign Policy blunders the President and his team have made in these last six painful years. And where is the outrage from Hillary Clinton who served this President in his last term as Secretary of State? The silence is deadening isn’t it?

The more important question is where may this all lead to in the final two years of this President’s second term. Like Dr. Ben Carson, I’m truly beginning to wonder what this man might be capable of setting into place to stop or forestall the 2016 elections. It certainly isn’t far-fetched.

Currently Obama is fomenting racial strife while experts confirm that race relations have improved from the mid last century. Obama’s adulation of Al Sharpton as his go-to man on this subject is a perfect example—he’s attempting to stir up more resentment from White America. Is he ‘itching’ for a fight as they say, while all of these machinations are time-tested, Saul Alinski tactics?

So how is all of this ‘Astroturf’ angst getting financed that Obama is clearly privy to? It comes from bought and paid-for dissidents financed by left-leaning organizations tied to the support of George Soros. You don’t really believe that the Occupy movement was truly ‘organic’ now do you? Remember the rule; follow the money. Wasn’t it Glenn Beck who coined the phrase?

The goal of the Obama/Soros duo seems to point towards the complete and thorough economic collapse of the United States by following the Cloward and Piven Strategy…look it up. And it wouldn’t be Soros first time doing that to a sovereign nation, I believe the US would make the third!

I would guess by this March, April the latest we’ll see the true cards laid out—right now they seem focused on crashing the dollar through inept foreign policy. The pivot towards Tehran that Obama made has infuriated the Saudi King…not a good thing—ever. Our Shale oil extractors have already begun laying off oil workers thanks to oil’s value dumping.

In one punch this oil Monarchy punishes their current Tri-fecta of political opponents. Beginning with the Russians who represent their’s and OPEC’s current Energy competition until we are fully on-line, which can’t come soon enough. Secondly it is America as a political target, but mostly to punish Obama personally, so he brings up the rear of this trio.

Far more serious to us, what is happening with our dollar’s status as the global reserve currency through US petrodollars? Brazen moves are afoot by many of our adversaries who wish to DE-throne the US dollar. Such a position allows us to endlessly print paper currency. Yet with each printing, the value of our dollar drops further. That kind of reckless behavior doesn’t end well friends, while the Fed is currently leveraged at 73 to 1. This means they possess a mere single dollar to back up each seventy-three dollars of exposure-to-loss.

In summary, a year from now we may all look back on this as the calm before the tempest…a perfect storm indeed.