It's Time to Change BACK

Our Republic is on The Precipice of a Death-Spiral

Our friends on the left are quite confident and open, to the point of arrogance, on the subject of their progress to fundamentally transform our country. Yet the silent majority, that being us, realizes the extent of the damage already caused.

I speak with some authority on this topic, having studied the human condition as my educational focus in both under and post-graduate work. It’s remarkable that our past actually contains the keys to our future if we will only heed the warnings predicted long ago.

Sage Advice From Our Past

John Adams, our second President, committed Christian and Patriot, put it succinctly when he said: “Most Democracies typically die from suicide!” Are we headed for that outcome?

Desperate Times Call For Prudent Actions…Not Desperate Ones

An establishment politician from either side of the aisle will not be capable of righting this ship without rising above their party; therefore, under the present system, nothing will ever change.  Political parties play a strategy when in power… stay in power.

To expect any ‘insider’ candidate to throw their party’s strategy out in lieu of change isn’t realistic. With any ‘insider’ it will be business as usual, so in the end, our country is doomed as Adams’ prophecy predicts.

A Non-Politico Creates Breakthrough

True breakthrough comes when we elect a brilliant, thoughtful leader far above the pale of politics. We must find a true non-politico outsider, a dynamic, creative leader and thinker, but he or she must be an individual who is electable too. We must tread cautiously though: Remember how Ross Perot stole Bush’s re-election? In 2016, we must strategically work from within a party with our outsider candidate; you may recall the zeitgeist during Dwight Eisenhower’s success in 1952.

A Precursor of Bad Things on the Horizon

Frankly; as much as I hate quoting Boehner, he has the ideal tag line for any argument on our current President, Obama; “He has already poisoned the well” against anyone who follows him, except someone who can rise above the fray to motivate our electorate to still believe in ‘something better’ for ‘all’ America. The real damage has been the disillusionment and discouragement of the electorate that felt they were electing a champion for their cause. What will bring these voters back to the polls?

Hope and Change has Become Hopelessness and Change For the Worse

Much of these past supporters are so turned off now, that it might take several election cycles to get them back into a voting booth…or will it? Can we convert them with the ‘right’ candidate for the next election?   Pardon the pun; but yes, we can…if we put forward a non-politico ‘universal’ candidate to dispel their current disappointment.

I’m truly convinced that we can turn lemons into lemonade with this ‘universal everyman’ candidate for not only the silent majority, but these Obama followers as well. Despite what Democratic operatives would have you believe; his past supporters are up for grabs to the first party that delivers a viable choice.

Can an Outsider get Elected?

All we have to do is look back in history. You see, in 1952, like the Lincoln transition from Whig to GOP in 1860, the Republican Party nominated Dwight David (Ike) Eisenhower to run for President of the United States. He won handily.  He was so non-political, that he had only recently joined a political party to run, by choosing to become a Republican. It should be noted that he was not a conservative.  He was a moderate liberal Republican.

You may recall from your history lessons, that Republican Presidential candidates were not currying favor with the electorate during that entire era…Hoover was still too-painful of a memory from the Crash’s fallout that occurred during his administration back in 1929.

It was for this reason that the Republicans found Ike so attractive. Eisenhower was outside the establishment enough to compel American voters to give the GOP another try at running the Executive Branch. Americans knew him to be a brilliant leader, so despite his total lack of experience in running the most important office in the world, they put their trust in him and elected him.

Ike was a proven, successful Non-Politico leader (a military hero) from outside the establishment, presumably above mere politics. They were correct of course—he was.

Many political scholars along with historians will attest that Ike became one of our greatest Presidents, certainly of the twentieth century. It wasn’t only because of his military successes during WWII; it was his common-sensibilities that Americans were attracted to. As our 34th President, he often bypassed Congress to appeal to the American people directly, and with great success.

Ike’s experiential knowledge made it possible for him to rise above the political partisanship and fray. He did this by distancing himself from the squabbles within the legislative branch. Yet recognizing that he could easily get above his comfort level in the political theater, he made sure to make wise choices in assembling his cabinet positions in areas where he lacked experience.

Eisenhower had the ability to inherently know what he could get away with as an outsider of the system. In the final analysis, this clearly proved to be one of his greatest strengths as our 34th President. Yet any smart person can do what Eisenhower did…let me qualify that:  any person of adequate intellect along with superior leadership experience can do what Eisenhower did. This, in essence then, is what ‘rising to the occasion’ means. It shows that while Ike’s accomplishments are legendary, they’re not outside the purview of any intelligent person with proven leadership skills.

Going Outside the Box Again for 2016

The preferable experiential past for such a candidate would most likely be with an outsider who comes from a career as a proven leader within a large group of diverse and knowledgeable colleagues under him or her. The key though is the ability to thrive under pressure, while not being indecisive over major decisions, even decisions concerning life and death. We must elect a strong Non-Politico conservative with strong moral fortitude. One who is a modern day polymath perhaps like Franklin was.

There is Such a Leader in our Midst

That natural leader is none other than Dr. Benjamin Carson Sr., M.D. now retired after a thirty-year-career in Medicine. A brilliant surgeon in pediatric neurosurgery, his distinguished career is highlighted by the fact that due in great part to his leadership skills, he was chosen at the young age of 33, to head the pediatric neurosurgery department for John Hopkins Medical School and Hospitals. If this weren’t enough responsibility, he concurrently was a Professor of Oncology, Cosmetic Surgery and Pediatrics as well.

Dr. Carson led a team of over forty brilliant doctors and nurses in the very first successful separation of conjoined twins at the brain, while also re-writing the book on hemispheric surgery to relieve countless children from violent and often-fatal brain seizures affecting them. He has no shortage of intellect or experience in leading others to achieve goals previously thought unattainable.

Yet it is his grounded, common sense that is at the root of his professional success. Dr. Carson’s several best-selling books include his autobiography; Healing Hands, which has proven to be a true inspiration to thousands of young minority-American children and has led to his creation of the Carson Scholarship fund and the Carson Reading Project to propel young, great minds to rise above their circumstances. His biography on ZapMeta.com has been viewed over one hundred million times! His latest, best-selling book, One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save Our Nation’s Future, Dr. Carson cites many of the problems afflicting our nation and offers his approach to getting us back on track.

Carson, unlike a politician, refuses to accept political correctness; you will never hear him parse his words. This fact honestly takes a little getting used to; after all, we’re simply not prepared these days to hear uncensored honesty coming out of anyone considering a run for any political office, let alone the Presidency.

To the contrary, our political leaders are too shrewd for even a modicum degree of honesty speaking to their constituents. Dr. Carson is simply too honest to spin his message, hide his true feelings or sell us with rhetoric. To him, that’s not a common sense approach to solving problems, it’s really more akin to lying for political advantage.

What happens with Carson on occasion is that his approaches to problem solving are sometimes misconstrued or taken out of context to the larger point. In Carson, we must accept this difference and embrace it as a breath of fresh air in a national leader. It’s not that he has a political ‘death wish’, it’s just he’s quite candidly…honest. It was for this exact reason that Carson’s 2013 National Prayer Breakfast Speech with both President Obama and the First Lady in attendance, so lit the conservative movement on fire with its candor and the good doctor’s common-sense solutions, but more so, his speaking ‘truth-to-power’ without fear or reservation. When he was goaded to apologize to the President afterward; he politely and respectfully declined to do so.

The other points of contention I’ve seen being mentioned are his strong beliefs on the sanctity of life, the second amendment and our loss of moral standing within our society. Somehow, a few folks, including a minority of neo-conservatives, fear he plans to impart his personal feelings or faith into policy when that could not be further from the truth. Clearly God is his personal co-pilot and conscience, which I think that most people can respect in a pious man. If they don’t, we can still always pray for them.

Dr. Carson understands and respects that diversity of opinion is always a good thing for any free society. I believe it’s clear that he understands that not every person takes issue with our abortion protections as an example, or necessarily shares his past personal belief that automatic assault weapons were more of an issue in urban environments. While this was a past comment more in-tuned to his experiences as a surgeon seeing countless gunshot wounds inside the hospital, rather than legislating solutions—his position has evolved as his understanding grew.  Once someone from the NRA explained all of the pertinent issues on the need for our Second Amendment Protections, he clearly saw the situation differently then thoughtfully changed his position.

How rare and refreshing it is to see a person evolve his past opinion once the bigger picture is illuminated to them. That’s the kind of leader who you know will always heed good advice from members of his team. And you can bet with Carson, it will never have anything to do with political agendas, it will always be about the logic of the argument he hears being made. With a Carson presidency, we can count on him to place the ideal professionals as his support team, just like Ike did.

I believe Dr. Carson will be much like Ike was, with this one possible exception between the two men. Dr. Carson will tell us the straight skinny, while Ike learned to simply ‘play-the-game’ against the establishment effectively.

Yes, The Hour is Late Friends

If John Adams’ premonition for Democracies is correct; it’s clear our wrists are already bleeding from record unfunded entitlement liabilities of One-Hundred-Twenty-Seven-Trillion-Dollars.  This total amount makes the lesser-accrued national debt seem miniscule while approaching Eighteen-Trillion-Dollars.

In Summary

Dr. Ben Carson is not only our answer; he’s largely our salvation. His intellect, common sense and leadership experience are the qualities that we need in a President who will create the building blocks of this country’s renaissance, not merely a reversal of fortune but of sheer survival. He certainly has the credentials to become the President of all Americans and now is the time for such a man.

Mitch Reed; Author

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