Dick Durbin (D-IL) has decided that the U.S. Senate needs to
get involved in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal.  He is setting up Judiciary Committee hearings
to examine if there should be a federal law making such bounty systems a
crime.  You can read the story here:


Just in case you don’t know, the NFL recently concluded an
investigation into allegations that members of the Saints coaching staff paid
bounties to players for knocking certain players from opposing teams out of a
game; different bounties were awarded based on if the player was taken out of
the game or if they were carted off of the field.  The NFL found that the Saints organization
was, indeed, guilty of this practice and levied stiff penalties against the
organization.  Head Coach, Sean Payton,
was suspended without pay for an entire year and current St. Louis Rams
Defensive Coordinator, Gregg Williams, who was the Saints Defensive Coordinator
at the time the bounties were being awarded, was suspended indefinitely.  Other front office personnel, including the
team General Manager received suspensions as well; the Saints organization was
fined $500,000 and lost second round draft picks for this year and next
year.  In all, these are the largest
penalties ever levied against an NFL team; I believe that the NFL and it’s
commissioner, Roger Goodell, did a good job in acting on the information that
was given them and making an example of this team as a deterrent against this
sort of behavior, which is against league rules and has been for a long time.

Now…my question is, why in the world does the Senate need to
get involved in this?  We have a
successful private sector organization, the NFL, who is comprised of 31
privately owned franchises and 1 owned, technically, by the fans (Green Bay).  This organization and its members govern
themselves effectively, without the need for interference by the federal
government; last summer, they worked out a new agreement with the NFL Players
Association without any need for federal intervention.  In this incident, they acted on information
about the bounties by investigating the allegations, finding evidence of guilt
and exacting swift and harsh punishment on those responsible…all without any
government interference.  Why does Dick
Durbin (D-IL) seem to think that the federal government needs to get involved?  Doesn’t Senator Durbin (D-IL) have better
things to do, like, I don’t know…PASS A BUDGET?
You know, like the one that has been neglected for over 1,050 days.  How about the Democrats get off of their
collective rear ends and force the issue on the Keystone XL pipeline?  Especially since President Obama has thrown
them under the bus as far as helping them with campaign money; oh, wait, that
would be a good for our country, silly me.
No, no…there’s not time for things like that, but, this bounty thing brings
up an opportunity to expand the tentacles of government control even
further.  Now that’s a worthy cause
demanding action!