Leveling of the Polls?

As a pretty optimistic southern conservative who wants to believe in the bias in the polls, I have been getting a little nervous about our prospects in November. And then came the debate last night. Now I’m a political junkie and have been since the 2000 hanging chad debacle when I was a junior in high school. But last nights debate was boring for even myself. And that takes alot. I still think McCain won but may not have done what he needed to do. However, I awoke to somewhat comfortable polls this morning. Rasmussen still up a good bit for Obama but his support did drop 2 points to a lead of 6 (51-45). This is the first time in 26 days that his lead didn’t either stay the same or gain. But then there’s the Reuters/CSPAN/Zogby poll that has McCain down by 2, the Hotline Tracking he’s down 1, and the Battleground poll that McCain is down 4. Still waiting to see what the Gallup poll says today. So maybe not all is lost and if McCain can keep Obama within 5 points we win. Now I know that this is just a national poll and it doesn’t matter but it does set the mood. If it tightens in the national poll over the next couple weeks, I think it will trickle down to the state polls. Question however is there enough time for that to work in our favor. Only time can tell. I’m praying that it will for the sake of our country.