A Realistic and Serious Look at Each of The Republican Presidential Candidates.


Here is a breakdown on the serious GOP possible candidates for 2012. This election is by far the most important election in our lifetime. I am going to only focus on candidates who have stirred enough public interest to be a serious contender. Sorry no John Huntsman, Rand Paul, John Bolton, Paul Ryan or even Bobby Jindal as I have seen little national interest in them throwing their hat in the ring. The list begins with the weakest or least serious candidates and ends with the strongest and most serious.

I will spend some time with candidates who I personally do not see as serious contenders but either because of their impressive credentials or because of National interest they deserve recognition and have indicated their intentions of at least considering a national Presidential run. I will be rating them from zero to 5 on the basis of their chances of winning the Republican nomination and defeating Obama and also on VP possibilities and valuable contribution potential as serving on a Presidential cabinet.

Gary Johnson:

He is a former New Mexico governor and a very popular one at that. He was well known for his use of the veto. He is a fiscal conservative and like Ron Paul is for small government. Like Ron Paul he is of the Libertarian mindset and was for school vouchers. He is somewhat of an isolationist and anti war. He considers himself pro choice, but has voted many times in a pro life manner. He is a strong leader and believes in the constitution as it was originally written. He is for marijuana decriminalization and he supported Ron Paul for President in 2008.

He is a very successful businessman and a self made man. I really like him, but he has no chance of beating Obama. He has almost zero name recognition even among the tea party and I see his chances of becoming President as very remote. I give him ½ point for chances of winning the GOP nomination, 1/2 point for chances of defeating Obama and 1 ½ points for V.P. potential and 4 points for Presidential cabinet abilities or consideration.

Chris Christie:

The New Jersey Governor knows how to generate publicity and I believe his motivation is to gain as much national publicity as he can generate using the Governorship as his platform. If you go to YouTube you will see that his staff has posted his finest moments there. This has made him very popular with the Tea Party movement but what they fail to see is that Chris Christie is far from a conservative. He is for gun control, he believes in global warming, and he is very soft on illegal immigration. He also may have some political and business dealings that may come back to haunt him, if he were to throw his hat in the ring as President. I do not feel any need to go into these as he has not given any indication that he has any interest in running for President. He has stated that he is not ready. He also seems to be in favor of Obamacare and seems to be for any big government programs if it means federal funds to his state. New Jersey is not one of the states that has come out in favor of repealing Obamacare. Translated Chris Christie may not be anywhere near as conservative as he is perceived.

While he enjoys considerable popularity among the less informed of the American voters, if he were to get into the GOP presidential mix, I do believe the voters would quickly get to know the real Chris Christie. Since he is not running the points will be based on that, therefore I give him 0 points for chances of winning the GOP nomination, 0 points for defeating Obama, 3 points for V.P. potential, and 3 points for cabinet abilities or considerations.

Donald Trump:

This guy is very liberal and his campaign contributions of far leftist like Charles Schumer, Anthony Weiner, Rahm Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi. causes me real concern, and I am hoping the majority of American’s will eventually see right through this guy. Yes he is a very successful businessman, but he may have had some shady dealing along the way, and has proven that Donald Trump has one interest and concern, and that is Donald Trump.

He has always been for abortion, but now is coming out saying he is pro life. I for one will take him at his word on that. Yet there are many conservatives who are willing to put all of the liberal issues aside and jump right in on    the Trump bandwagon. I find real hypocrisy in this as they are some of the first to call Mitt Romney a flip flopper because he had a real life sincere change on abortion, much like Ronald Reagan, and these same people hold him to a higher standard than anyone else on every issue. For example if he wasn’t totally perfect on every thing he ever done in his life they can not vote for him. Then like many did with Obama, and are now doing with Trump dismissing all of these troubling issues and concerns and moving full steam ahead in their support.

Trump is not a serious candidate and he is not going to win. My concern is that he will end up running as a third party candidate and could seriously split the GOP vote and cause Obama to win reelection. He receives 0 points  for winning the GOP nomination, 0 for chances defeating Obama, 3 points for V.P. potential and 4 points as cabinet abilities and consideration.

Newt Gingrich:

I do not see much hope in a successful Newt Gingrich Presidential run. He is considered a conservative by many but he is actually quite moderate if you go by tea party standards. Newt Gingrich believes in Global warming he is for ethanol production, and the program to add it to fuel. He is very much an internationalist and was a major force as Speaker of the House in getting such disastrous free trade treaties passed such as NAFTA and GATT.

. He does have name recognition and is a good fundraiser, but he will need a lot of resources to make a successful run against Obama. I just do not see where he will have the broad base of support that it would take to defeat Obama. He is too much of a typical politician to win with the higher raised bar of the tea party and the conservative base in general. He also has a troubled past with a messy divorce, and this would come out front and center if he were to win the GOP nomination. He cannot be completely ruled out because he is very much a Washington insider and popular with the GOP establishment. 2 points for winning GOP nomination, 1 points for defeating Obama, 3 points for V.P considerations, and 5 points for cabinet abilities and consideration.

Ron Paul:

A Texas Congressman who ran in 2008 has a very energetic, hard core, but very small base of some of the most vocal supporters of all of the candidates. They really know how to make their small numbers get the biggest impact possible.There is a lot that I like about Ron Paul like his idea to abolish the IRS and the Federal Reserve are awesome. He is all about small government and reigning in government spending and getting us out of foreign entanglements. The problem with Ron Paul is that his libertarian and isolationist policies are just too far out there to gain the amount of support he would need to defeat Obama. He would make an excellent treasury secretary as he would be a real watchdog in this capacity. He receives 0 points for winning the GOP nomination, 0 points for defeating Obama, 1 point for V.P considerations and he deserves 10 points for cabinet abilities and considerations. Hence the reason he is this far up on my list.

Herman Cain:

I really like this guy he is a hard hitting black conservative and is very critical of the Obama administration. He is a very strong business leader having been the President of Godfathers Pizza. Cain played a big role in defeating Hillarycare, which was President Clinton’s attempt at a Nationalized Healthcare initiative. He is a real tea party favorite but does not have enough resources, name recognition or organization in place to make a serious run for  the Presidency. That is really unfortunate, but I believe, he would be among the GOP nominees best choices they could make for a V.P. He would also make an excellent addition to the cabinet.1 point for chances of winning the GOP nomination, 2 points for chances of defeating Obama, 5 points for V.P. consideration and 5 points for cabinet abilities and considerations.


Mike Huckabee:

He is my least favorite candidate of the entire field but because of how he has rated in the National polls I do have to give him his due. First Mike Huckabee should do the country a favor and not even run. He has proven that he has a very thin skin with his recent tirade against Glenn Beck who called his policies progressive. He went off on Glenn Beck using socialist Media Matters anti-Glenn Beck talking points. Huckabee is a RINO through and through, he showed very poor judgement while as Governor of Arkansas he pardoned many criminals and some of them went on to commit some horrendous crimes. He is soft on immigration and showed real lack of class in how long he stayed in the GOP primary in 2008. He showed even less class in how he teamed up with McCain in undermining Mitt Romney’s campaign. He does not have the resources, the organization and his negatives are very high. He has been doing well in many national polls however, as right now he is favored in the Iowa primary. 3 points for chances of winning the GOP nomination, 4 points for chances of defeating Obama, 0 points for V.P. choice and 0 points for cabinet abilities and considerations.

Mitch Daniels:

I would have to place Mitt Daniels as a higher, and one of the more serious candidates on the list of GOP hopefuls. He is a popular Indiana Governor and former Reagan administration Budget director where he was known as Mitch the knife for his willingness to cut waste out of the budget. He has come out in favor of VAT taxes and that is not going to win him a lot of support from the Tea Party on that particular issue. He is also a proponent and cheerleader for increasing ethanol production and raising the amount blended into gasoline from 10% to 15%. That said we could do a lot worse than Mitch Daniels and there is a lot about him to like. He is one of the establishments more favored candidates so Mitch scores a 3 for chances of winning the GOP nomination, and a 3 for chances of defeating Obama, a solid 3 1/2 as a V.P. choice and a 4 for cabinet abilities and considerations.

Tim Pawlenty:

I like Tim Pawlenty as he is a both a fiscal and social conservative. He has been a tough advocate for immigration enforcement, gun rights and is pro life. The Minnesota governor does have some moderate positions that many conservatives would find troubling. He does believe in some big government programs like light rail and does tends to favor programs that one who believes in Global warming would support. He has come out in favor of drilling in ANWR, and believes the bigger oil supply we have the better. He has also come out in favor of government funded incentives like developing wind energy sources and regulations on carbon emissions. He is also for universal healthcare.

That said his strengths lie in the fact that he is one of the favorites of the GOP establishment, and his policies could gain wide support in a general election, and would get a lot of the moderate GOP vote as well as conservatives with his stances on drilling and being pro life. He lacks name recognition, a national organization and resources, but would be endorsed by much of the GOP leadership and media personalities. I give him a 4 for chances of winning the GOP nomination, and a 3 for chances of defeating Obama, and a 4 as a V.P. choice, and a 3 for cabinet abilities and considerations.

Rick Santorum:

The former Pennsylvania Senator is a rock solid conservative and has been a strong advocate for protection our borders, 2nd amendment rights, and pro-life. He has also been a strong advocate for protecting our national borders, and for opening up more areas for drilling. He would make an excellent V.P. choice for the Republican nominee. If his campaign is able to get off the ground, and he is able to get his message out he does have an outside chance of winning the nomination. His weakness is that he does not have a national campaign organization in place and having lost his last Senate race this would make a good sound byte as a reason he is not electable on the national level. He would get a 3 on chances for winning the GOP nomination, a 3 for chances of defeating Obama, and a 5 as a V.P. choice and a 5 for cabinet abilities and considerations.

Sarah Palin:

John McCain’s 2008 choice for V.P. and running mate and former Alaskan Governor needs no introduction. She has been rock solid on her support for tea party candidates. She has really stood strong against absolutely brutal media scrutiny. If Obama would have received even 1/100th of the vetting that has been aimed at Gov. Palin there is no way possible he could have been elected. She is a tough fighter and would clean Obama’s clock in any debates. She does have a lot of media induced negatives however, and unfortunately as things stand right now that could be enough to keep her from being elected. While the majority of her critics are the far left, she has also received more than her far share of criticism from the Republicans as well. Sarah is rock solid on conservative values and is in total alignment with the vast majority of the tea party. As far as winning the Republican nomination I see her chances as rather remote, so she gets a 3. On defeating Obama if she were to get the GOP nomination a 4. While she would be very strong in the debates there are just too many negatives for her to overcome. For V.P. choice she would be excellent but a bit unlikely so she will get a 3 ½ here. As far as her cabinet abilities and possible considerations she would get a (20) if it went that high so 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Any candidate would be making a huge mistake not to offer her a prominent position in their cabinet.

Michele Bachmann:

The Minnesota congresswoman is one of the most recognizable names in the tea party movement, only Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck have greater stature with this movement than Michele Bachmann. Actually she is considered a more viable candidate with the majority of conservatives over Sarah Palin, and that is why she comes out ahead in my ratings. Michele Bachmann like Sarah Palin campaigned and fought to get many tea party and conservative candidates victories in the Nov. 2010 midterm elections. Michele is very conservative and believes in small government, is strong on 2nd amendment rights, and is pro life. She has a lot going for her but faces a very uphill battle in gaining higher name recognition, and getting her message out beyond the negative sound bytes the left leaning media loves to throw out there about tea party candidates. Michele Bachmann like Sarah Palin would be very formable in debates with Obama, but getting her the nomination is where the problem lies with Michele Bachmann. As far as winning the GOP nomination I give her chances of about a 3 on the 1 to 5 scale. For defeating Obama after getting the nomination about a 4. As far as being a VP choice she would be an excellent one and would give her a 4 ½ and as far as a cabinet position she would be another one who should be seriously considered she gets a 5.

Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney is the candidate that everyone really needs to get behind to defeat Obama. There is too much at stake for the GOP to not get united early behind the candidate that has the very best chance of winning the Presidency in 2012. It is too late in the game for anyone else to really emerge and have what Mitt brings to the table not to. Now if Allen West does get into the race that would be another story, but at this point he has no intentions. Mitt Romney is the real deal. He worked hard and supported both with campaigning and resources many great tea party and conservative candidates. He was instrumental in many GOP, conservative, and Tea Party favorites winning their races in the 2010 midterm.

Mitt Romney is one of the best, most ethical businessmen in the country. I do not think anyone understands the economy like Mitt Romney does. He also may be the most qualified presidential candidate in well over 150 years. He understands America’s problems and he will jump right in, roll up his sleeves and get busy doing just that right from day one. You will not see Mitt Romney taking many vacations as President, there are too many problems to fix and he is going to be there, “Johnny on the spot”, when it comes to that dreaded 2 am call, you can bet your bottom dollar (if you still have one) on that.

Look back over the time since the 2008 presidential race as to how Mitt Romney has conducted himself. He has been nothing but a class act from his motivations of bowing out of the 2008 race to the way he immediately set aside all of his differences with the ungracious McCain campaign, and got right to work in doing all that he could to get McCain elected, because he saw the disaster that a Barack Obama Presidency would be. Mitt Romney is the real deal and as far as his chances of winning the GOP nomination I give him a 5. If you do not like or admire Mitt Romney you have been too heavily influenced by the negatives that have been thrown at him. If you believe he is anything but a constitutional loving conservative, whose first and only desire is to bring Amerca back to the greatest nation on earth, and do whatever it takes to accomplish it, you obviously have not read his book “No Apology”, which by the way 100% of the proceeds goes to charity. He is the only one who shows in polls that he can beat Obama so he gets a 5 on his chances for beating Obama. As far as a VP choice if anyone else wins he would  be an easy and clear choice, so on the 1 to 5 he gets a 5, and with his abilities for a cabinet choice again a 5.

Allen West:

Topping my list even though he has no intentions of running is Florida congressman Allen West. Allen has really made a name for himself quickly. He is very popular with the tea party movement and has all of the right conservative credentials to quickly move up to the top in the GOP Presidential primary. Allen West has been very popular because of his no nonsense non politically correct way of saying things. He is a very severe critic of Barack Obama and his policies. He will tell you in a heartbeat that Barack Obama’s policies are ruining this country and running our economy into the abyss. He being a retired Army Lt.Col. He understands the importance of a strong military and unlike our President that radical Islam is our enemy, and he will call terrorism what it is. He like Mitt Romney believes strongly in our constitution. I would be more than delighted to have either of them as the GOP nominee. Allen would get a 5 for his ability to get the GOP nomination, a 5 for V.P. choice and if he doesn’t run, he should be the first choice of whoever does win the nomination, and of course a 5 for a cabinet position.

This is a very important election and we do not get another chance. If Barack Obama is reelected we might as well kiss our nation, as we know it good bye, and prepare for its total ruin. I really believe that Mitt Romney is our very best choice, and chance at this late hour to win our country back. He has the resources, the organization and the best start at gaining wider name recognition of any of the serious GOP contenders. If you look at the history of our national elections you will see that the GOP has never had a nominee win an election who came out of nowhere without a high degree of name recognition. The liberal media is not there for them to build their name and reputation, only there to tear them down. It happens almost always for the Democrats, but never for a Republican nominee. Look at the last three Democrats each came into the race without any name recognition and each won the Presidency on their first attempt. That being Carter, Clinton and Obama. Name the last Republican who done that? There hasn’t been one.