A GOP Front Runner Is Emerging, We Have Our Candidate The Media Just Isn't Reporting It.

As I analyze the latest polls being put out by the major polling organizations one thing comes to mind the media is being strangely silent about just how bad the president is doing in job approval ratings and how the American people feel about the direction of the country under his direction. Furthermore they are really over hyping and big time inflating Donald Trump’s impact as it relates to the 2012 GOP race.

A further study of the poll numbers does show that Mitt Romney may be beginning to emerge as the GOP frontrunner. Some polls have him winning against Obama in Nationwide races, others have him only slightly behind and almost all of them have him within the margin of error. There are other polls that show him well out in front in key Republican Primaries including virtually all of the Florida Primary polls and also all of the New Hampshire primary polls and that just isn’t getting the coverage that it should be.

First we will start with polls that focused on Obama’s job approval and is the country headed in the right direction or wrong direction?, as each of these are a direct reflection on Obama’s leadership. In the latest Rasmussen poll Obama’s Job approval is 48% approve while a majority 51% of Americans disapprove. According to Gallup those that approve is even worse at only 44%.

Now when we switch poll questions and focus on Direction of The Country it is even looking bleaker for the President. A CBS poll which seems to always slant their results to favor the president 70% of respondents said the country is heading in the wrong direction, only 26% approved of the direction Obama is leading us. According to Ramussen it will not be a shocker to see that the results are even worse news for Obama where only 22% of Americans feel he is leading us in the right direction. A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll shows similar results with 25% of Americans feel like Obama is leading us in the right direction while 69% see us headed in the wrong direction. Even a Democratic poll shows very troubling news for the President. According to Democracy Corps 44% of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing and 50% disapprove and 26% feel the country is headed in the right direction and 65% feel we are headed in the wrong direction. They further go on and show the results that in a National General Election Mitt Romney would defeat Obama. Mitt Romney is leading in their poll 48% To 46%.

In other recent polls Mitt Romney is also leading all GOP contenders. According to the McClatchy poll for the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination Romney leads with 18% Huckabee 17% Trump 13% Palin 8% and Ron Paul received 7%, Gingrich 4%, Bachmann 3%, Pawlenty 2% Daniels 2%, Santorum 2%.

Romney leads Obama in Latest Poll.

As reported by the Washington Examiner one of the latest polls from the Rockefeller Center of Dartmouth University indicates former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney comfortably ahead of Obama in  New Hampshire. The poll shows that if he was the Republican nominee that as of right now he would defeat Barack Obama by 8 points 47 percent to 39 percent, in a projected general election match-up.. All of the other Republican candidates would lose including Huckabee by 8 points, Pawlenty by 16 Haley Barbour by 19 and Donald Trump would get killed by 22 points. The poll also showed that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would lose by 27 points



I hear a lot about Romneycare and the negatives that will bring to Mitt and I will delve into that later in this article, but here is a letter I received from Mitt leading up to last Novembers election in which he worked very hard to get many conservative and tea party candidates elected in their States and districts.


President Obama’s healthcare bill is unhealthy for America. Without a single Republican vote in the House or the Senate, he pushed through a bill that millions of Americans do not want, and for which we cannot conceivably pay.

Health care reform shouldn’t mean higher taxes, cuts to our seniors on Medicare, insurance price controls or greater federal involvement in our lives. But unfortunately that’s just what we’re getting.

America has been taken down the wrong path by President Obama and the Democrats in Congress, which is why it’s critical we elect fiscally-responsible conservative leaders in November who will repeal this bill and restore commonsense principles to healthcare.

That is why I am writing to you today to announce a new initiative at my Free and Strong America PAC called “Prescription for Repeal.” Over the coming weeks and months, my PAC will be providing GOP candidates with the support and funding they need to defeat Democrats who supported ObamaCare……..


Mitt Romney

My purpose for sharing this is that he is not at all happy with Obamacare and furthermore Mitt Romney primarily helps and supports conservative and tea party candidates and not liberals like Donald Trump has done with the likes of Charles Shumer and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Conclusions, I think if we want to insure that Barack Obama is defeated in 2012 it would be wise for the tea party, conservatives, moderates and the entire GOP party to get behind Mitt Romney and to ditch Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee and with an early front runner status and early backing Mitt Romney could emerge with a commanding victory over the worst president and biggest catastrophe to ever befall the American people.

Why do I think Mitt Romney would be the best candidate for President to run against Obama in 2012? First I think he would absolutely clean Obama’s clock in the debates they would have. Gov. Romney is a Washington outsider and that is why he got skewered by the lamestream media when he ran for president. Mitt Romney is actually very conservative no less than Ronald Reagan, he graduated from BYU one of if not the most conservative Universities in the United States, and is one of the most if not the most competent leaders in the United States. That is a great advantage for him in the general election as many perceive him as moderate and a RINO, and if you really take a close look at his record, read his book “No Apologies”, and understand what he really stands for he is among the most conservative of candidates to ever have a shot at winning the White House. He could pull a lot of moderate, independent, conservative Democrats and even liberal votes away from Obama. Furthermore if he were to choose a conservative African American like Allen West or Herman Cain he could possibly receive a higher percentage of African American votes than traditionally go to a GOP candidate.

For the mess that Obama has made out of our country Mitt Romney would be by far the best person on Earth that I know of to do the most to fix the problems of our country if that is even possible Mitt would do it as that is what he does and always has been about is fixing problems.

Some of the problems Mitt has proven beyond amazing to accomplish, like taking command of the Salt Lake Winter Olympics that were headed for disaster for a one (1) dollar salary and turning them around to becoming the most successful Winter Olympics in history. Romney literally saved those 2002 Olympics from economic doom and under his tremendous leadership turned them from deep in the red into the black.

What about RomneyCare? RomneyCare, signed into law by Romney in 2006, is a state-based healthcare plan, unlike ObamaCare, RomneyCare did not raise taxes and the people overwhelmingly wanted it. If the Democratic run state would have left it the way Romney had it there would not be all the problems that have happened with it. But the bigger and more important difference is that RomneyCare was a state program and not a federal one. If states’ rights and federalism are truly important to you, you would readily recognize this distinction. And on top of all this, Romney has consistently voiced his support for the repeal of ObamaCare, this the same Romney that saved Mass. from demise caused by the Democrats? Not once but twice? The ones that fattened up said health care bill.

Romney saved dozens of companies from closing down and thereby saving thousands of jobs? As a highly successful leader in business, he made money by turning around financially struggling companies like Monsanto, Staples, Office Depot, Dominos Pizza, Burlington, Corning, among many others, saving thousands of jobs.

Later he ran a venture capital firm which provided money to numerous startup companies such as Staples Office Supplies, enabling them to expand and create thousands of more jobs. During the 14 years he headed the company, Bain Capital, it’s average Annual rate of return on investments was 113 percent.

On one occasion one of his associates’ daughter came up missing in New York City and was feared kidnapped. Mitt stressed to his partners that the reason they were in business was for the welfare of their families and thereby shut down the company and organized a search party and they headed for New York. He diligently and quickly divided up the search party and sent them out searching sector by sector with detailed instructions as to how to proceed and the daughter was quickly found. If I recall correctly she was just being a rebellious teenager and had went off and was hanging out with some friends having a good time not realizing what panic and grief she was causing her parents.

At the age of 19 Mitt put his Stanford education on hold and went on a 2 1/2 year mission for the Mormon Church and was sent to France. He lived a life of poverty while there and had to make due on less than $100 allowance a month staying in small apartments with several other missionaries. Many of these apartments he stayed at did not have private bathrooms, but one bathroom for all the residence on the floor. As a missionary he lived a very disciplined and rigorous life, waking up at 6am and after extended Scripture study and prayers left for they day, knocking on doors from 9am to 9pm everyday for the entire 2 1/2 years sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was there during the 1960s when Americans were very unpopular because of the Vietnam War with the French. Often a Frenchmen would answer the doors and say “you’re from America, get out of Vietnam” and slam the door. This was the beginning of his transformation from a privileged lighthearted, carefree youth, to a responsible serious adult during those 2 1/2 years. He was called to be an Assistant to the Mission President the highest leadership position a missionary can achieve. Once while he was driving traveling across the vast mission territory with the mission president and the mission president’s wife and his companion the other assistant they were involved in a tragic automobile accident where a drunk driver crossed into their lane resulting in a head on collision. Mitt was mistakenly pronounced dead, the mission president’s wife was killed and the mission president was badly injured. Mitt’s injuries were less serious than the others and he recovered quickly and had to take charge of the entire mission for six months while the mission president was back in the U.S. recovering from his injuries. He really took charge and fired up the entire mission and carried out all the duties of the mission president doing a remarkable job amidst the entire country breaking out with violent student riots and being an American not the safest climate. Baptisms actually increased under his young leadership.

Soon after his mission he married his wife Ann and transferred to Brigham Young University where she was attending. He ended up graduating #1 in his class and went on to Harvard Business School where he graduated in the top 5% of his class and cum laude from Harvard Law School. He became a father of 5 boys during his college and early business years.

As the 70th Governor of MA, he worked to turn around the state’s economy from a 3 billion dollar deficit to a surplus, balancing their budget in less than 4 yrs. And he never accepted a salary while in office.

What is wrong with America not wanting the best possible leader we have available? It’s the economy, stupid! and proven leadership. Mitt Romney is one of the greatest leaders this country has, after what the American people have experienced with Obama I do believe that given a chance to be known Mitt Romney will quickly emerge and be recognized for the great leader that he is.

Romney also showed great character when he did not press charges and remained calm when a drugged-out rapper tried to start a fight with him on an airplane ready to take off, the same rapper now calls him his homeboy.

Tea Party Needs To Wake Up!

Conservatives who consider themselves as part of the tea party movement need to wake up and take a cold hard look at reality when looking for a candidate who can defeat Barack Obama in the upcoming 2012 election, specifically they need to seriously consider Mitt Romney.

First I would like to make a very bold and realistic statement as to our chances of defeating Barack Obama in 2012: Our only hope of defeating Barack Obama is Mitt Romney. It is high time that Conservatives, Republicans, Independence, and the tea party come to their senses and realize this. Do not get me wrong many among these groups already do, but there are far too many in these groups that think the right candidate is still to emerge, they are sorely mistaken. Following are six well thought out reasons why I not only feel but know that I am right about this.

1) To defeat an incumbent President takes tremendous name recognition, political organization, resources, and someone who can appeal to a vast range of voters across all areas of the political spectrum. Who among the Presidential candidates has the resources, name recognition, organization already in place, and can win a substantial number of votes across all wings of the political makeup of this nation. Mitt Romney has a proven track record of already doing this in winning the Governorship in Massachusetts where Democrats far outnumber Republicans. Name one other candidate who has all of these factors already in place?

2) History is a very sound indicator of future results, look back over history and you will find that history and the media have been very unkind to first time Republican candidates who are not well ingrained in the Washington insider establishment. Not true with Democrats: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all came out of nowhere to win the Presidency because of the power the so called mainstream media has at pushing them and gaining them the necessary name recognition that it takes to win the presidency. Name one Republican who came out of nowhere and won? You cannot because it just is not going to happen. Even Abe Lincoln the first Republican was fairly well known from the Lincoln/Douglas debates and with the issues of the day received a lot of free press coverage. Mitt Romney who has already ran once like Ronald Regan has the organization, the hindsight and the name recognition to launch a successful Presidential campaign this time around. Who else does? Be very honest and consider carefully negativity, baggage and who outside the tea party knows much of anything about this candidate.

3) If you think the tea party is so widespread and composed of such high numbers try this experience. First what is the most conservative state in the union? The answer is Utah. Now go to the Salt Lake Tribune and find an appropriate article and go in and make a comment positive about Glenn Beck and against Barack Obama or comment positive about Sarah Palin, any tea party candidate and watch the backlash that you are going to receive. Better yet start saying nice things about your tea party favorite candidate. You need not be shocked because I am warning you, but you will soon discover how right I am. You would think that a State like Utah would be overwhelming on board with the tea party, yes there are many and probably the most per capita but from my experiments around the country I have found that while the tea party as a group is very committed and can accomplish huge gatherings they make up no more than 20% of the population. Hardly enough to get their favorite elected President, where voter turnout is always higher than in midterms.

4) Mitt Romney has a proven track record. He has been a Governor, he has been a very successful businessman and he has proven over and over that he can get things done and