Winning the Hearts and Minds

After so long in Afghanistan and Iraq we are use to the idea of winning the hearts and minds of the peoples in those countries. Well, now that the Dominoes are actually beginning to topple. We have three questions:
  • Will freedom and democracy rise to the top in Egypt and in Tunisia?
  • And will this trigger enough momentum to topple other countries?
  • Lastly, will it come here?
There have been leftist rallies here in the USA, that made the rounds, about a week and a half ago, on the alternative media, which showed there are actually angry, hostile people (no, they are NOT Tea Party people like the usual suspects in the lame stream media are always so hopeful they will find) who desire revolution.

With a few clicks of the mouse you can find clips of those and find how beginning in December of 2008 there have been leftist groups here in America helping train Egyptian students how to organize, communicate and activate to change their country. Mission accomplished. Egypt will never be the same. We shall see what that results in. Prayers! Prayers for righteousness to reign and find the hearts of men and women in Egypt.

As to what is next around the globe, it’s already in the works in Algeria and Jordan.

Hearts and Minds? What we’ve been seeing, though many are not recognizing it, is Mr Obama and the New York Times (even with the help of many establishment conservatives) carry the water of a narrative that is a fairy tale. The narrative is that the youth have thrown of the chains of oppression and brought fundamental change they desired. Well, lets see how it plays out, as to if it’s really what they were hoping for. Obama and the NYT, are giving a message to the youth EVERYWHERE, (who they hope very much are listening), that they ADMIRE what Egyptian youth were (as I believe) manipulated into doing. Their need was exploited by the Muslim Brotherhood and the various Socialist and Marxist union groups who helped keep the momentum going and gave it structure and focus.

Watch and see if we don’t hear much more from various people on the left, not the least of which will be Mr Obama, about how admirable indeed the restless youth of the world are! Mmmhmm. Oh, by the way, the link just above gives the details of the Socialist group ANSWER’s response and then the EXACT SAME STATEMENT was posted on the front page of the socialist group The Party for Liberation and Socialism…how’s THAT for ‘community organizing’…who knew what a deal we were getting when that was his biggest claim to fame?