Let's Get to Work, Florida!

Gov Scott released his proposed budget and we need to take the time to look it over and kick the tires. I listened to his presentation and I was very encouraged that he clearly addresses concerns about government pensions. I use to work for a county law enforcement agency and I have many friends that work for that and other county agencies and some only know what the mush for brains local media tell them, and top that off with water cooler gossip. The gossip is making some worried about their retirement, which they have been working so hard and believing will be theirs, is going to be diminished or taken away somehow by him. NOT so! And since the local media isn’t doing the job of informing, we need to do so. Please help get the truth out if you live in Florida.

For those govt workers who are worried about their pensions…he addresses CLEARLY at the 13:15 min mark that FIRST
we’ve gotta make sure, we’ve made a commitment, let’s make sure they’re stable, that people have something they can rely on” and SECOND, “the other side of it is, they should participate and help pay for it. So we’re gonna do the same thing private companies do and almost every other state, we’re gonna require govt employees to contribute 5% to their own retirement. We can not ask Florida taxpayers – most of you do not have a pension at all – to bear ALL the cost of pensions for govt employees”

It’s the right thing to do, and I think if the people who are concerned heard this, they would be greatly reassured. This is good for all of Florida. And my husband works for an agency where we already contribute, it’s part of their pension plan. We don’t mind, we are glad to have it.

Here’s the link to kick the tires on the budget.