We all are created with the desire for liberty and that desire coupled with poverty and hunger are being exploited by American and Israel hating forces, such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. I do believe there are a lot of naive and desperate protesters on the streets of Egypt. I just don’t think it was them who kindled the fire. They are more like the kindling…Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood the lighter fluid.

Egypt is strategic in several ways
. Outside of Israel, they are at the top of our list of allies in the Mid-East, their leadership is secular and respectful to us and Israel. Toppling them puts incredible pressure on Jordan. They have refused to allow Hamas passage through to Gaza.

The benefits to militant Islamists and groups like Hamas are obvious
, and it would be foolish to doubt who is manipulating this human drama. Whomever is most determined and organized is who will win, whether that is freedom loving youth or hard-line Islamic instigators – well, time will tell. There is not a lot of reason to expect Mubarak to outlast this upheaval. And I want to believe in brighter days for Egypt, I just don’t see it, I don’t see organization on their side…I do on Hamas’ and the Muslim Brotherhood’s. The chance of Egypt’s desperate and hopeful youth trading in a secular dictator for an Islamic dictator is likely.

Jordan next
? What then?
Pray for Israel, pray for us. Here’s a great article over at Big Government.